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#338361 Chapter Rules (REQUIRED READING)

Posted by MadBlue on 20 February 2016 - 08:11 AM

If you are looking to focus solely on crafting and collecting items to decorate your house and have no interest at all in helping with PvP, go away....now.


Not to nitpick, and maybe it's just the wording, but is this really seems kind of negative. The email invitation said:


"Remember that we are gathered here to continue a quest to fulfill our gaming goals in a family environment catering to gamers of all styles, all genres and with every sort of gaming schedule imaginable. It is a guild environment that asks its leadership to inspire our membership, rather than require anything of them. One that chooses to promote through ability and merit, rather than statistics and elitism..."


Granted, it's a PvP game, and people should know that going in, but IMHO folks who aren't really all that interested in PvP but want to experience the game world and contribute to the guild through crafting for the guild shouldn't be made to feel they're unwelcome (especially after getting that invitation). And who knows, they might even get into PvP and have a real talent for it.

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#335884 Please SIGN this post on the SWTOR forums

Posted by Ztuke on 17 January 2016 - 05:53 PM

I do not expect my post to be up for very long so I will quote my comments below as they were posted on the SWTOR.COM forums.





I found it offensive that one and more of YOUR representatives made comments in the past on the issue of the 500 name cap on guild rosters and dismissed it, by at the least implication, that it was a none issue as you had data showing that none or very few guilds had even come close to this cap.

I am a member of and an officer of a very active guild on the East Coast servers. On one of these servers alone, we have been forced by your attitudes to create at this date, 8, yes EIGHT, guilds in order to handle our membership numbers! Oh, I can see the trolls and snipers already making comments about cleaning out the roster, pruning old characters, limiting the number of characters and telling me to stop recruiting. To you buffons, I respond, why should I stop recruiting? RECRUITMENT, say it with now, re-cruit-ment, is the lifeblood of a guild, telling a guild, any guild to stop recruiting is the metaphorical equivilant as telling a person standing on a ledge of the fifthteenth story to "shut up already and jump you idiot!".

For two years now we had had to, at regular intervals of betweeon one and three times a month, purge alts and characters not played in some time only to have those members return and contact us, when they can be bothered to, express disappointment and/or disgust at the treatment we have shown by removing them. We don't like kicking characters, we don't see why we should have because you Bioware have set a cap that only made sense when the game was released under the ORIGINAL design models and not under the operating MODELS it now runs under. Yes, you responded by upping teh character limit from 8 to 12, to 18 then 20 then 22 and now 40 characters on an account on a PER SERVER basis! Fine, we the player base asked but to do such a thing without any thought or regard to what this would do to guild rosters, was thoughtless at the least, nearly incompetant at worst.

If you cannot raise teh cap because of technical means, are you at least able to provide us with more comprehensive roster management tools and tracking utilities? Are you able to intriduce the capability of LINKING MULTIPLE GUILDS TOGETHER UNDER A COMMON BANNER? Have you even given considersation such as this any thought whatsoever or were they beneath your contemplation?

Yes, I realise I come across as upset, but you try managing a guild for nearly four years with in excess of 400 ACCOUNTS and see how well your calm remains!

This is not an attack, it is just an empassion plea for some thought and action. We know full well that the chances that you BIOWARE will ever respond are slim to none, as you have made it utterly clear since approimetly six months after the first servers went public and live that you have little to no interest in communicating with us the player base in a meaningfull level of dialogue.

We are just as frustrated at the situation as you people are of us players moaning and complaining, but then since you hardly talk to us on a meaningful level what can you honestly expect!


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#270930 Founders Week Game - Brighthaven's Battle Of The Bards

Posted by Lifedragn on 26 March 2014 - 09:48 PM

Fire and ice exchanged

Scales of red and silver gleam

In the moon-lit fight

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#264014 Looks Like We Have a New Title We Can Award

Posted by Papaver on 04 February 2014 - 12:08 PM

I heard from several people who work from home tell me that they need to have a separate room for work activities. Not only for the reason that it's more tidy that way but also that they can leave the room in order to feel like they leave work. This is so that they do not have work on their mind all day.


Andius, I heard you describe the CotP Mumble and Forums as the place you are the least stressed out at. I would strongly suggest that you do not bring the things that are specific to the Paizo forums over here, at least for yourself. That way you leave the Paizo forums when you close the Paizo forums tab/window in your browser.

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#164243 Let's Play A Game!

Posted by Arcturys on 05 March 2011 - 01:36 AM

Quick background: For a few years, I was the guild leader of a family-style, casual-gaming guild in the original EverQuest. From that description, you can see it was very similar to our CotP. Our focus in that guild was on having fun. We weren't concerned about hardcore raids, or the end game, or having the top rankings on the leader boards. We were only concerned with enjoying the game and getting the most fun for our money. Besides, there were always plenty of raiding guilds for people that wanted them, so most of our members knew coming in that that wasn't our focus, and it's why they wanted to join us.

Anyway, one of our favorite things to do was to run special events, from Buff & Bandage (Meet-n-Greet) events to various little games and puzzles I'd make up and run in various zones, like the Arena or Plane of Knowledge. I've been a game master for several years in a pen & paper game called Rifts by Palladium Books (if you've heard of it), and I love making up stuff for people to enjoy! One example: I created a gnome mage called Newblet, sat in PoK, and kept calling out riddles in /ooc. Anyone that could find me in the zone and answer my riddle got a prize. It was simple, but a lot of people said they enjoyed it. I think we'll find a lot of our members and even non-members would really enjoy fun events like this.

So, with the permission of our leadership, I was thinking we could do something to spice things up a bit and to possibly help rebuild our guild membership. Some examples:

- Scavenger Hunts: This could be either actual items that can be found in the game, or having guild officers create un-guilded alts to play a sort of "hide-and-seek" scavenger hunt. In this, the members are given clues to locate one of the hidden guild members. When they solve the riddle and find that person, they are given new clues to find the next person in the chain, and so on. To make "everyone a winner," in EverQuest I would buy a ton of jewel crafting gems, ranging in value from cheap to expensive, and every time you solved a clue and found a hidden guild member, you'd get a gem. The first person would give you the cheapest gem; the second person would give you the second cheapest gem; and so on. The further you got, the more gems you got as a reward, which you could sell to a merchant for cash. We could have other loot, special privileges, or something crafted especially for the winners of these events (I prefer games where there can be multiple winners too, such as in these scavenger hunts). EQ2 gives extra options that would be cool, such as a personalized greeting card (like the one you can make from Frostfell recipes) that can be displayed in the players' houses and could maybe have a message like "Winner of the March 2011 CotP Scavenger Hunt!" Just an idea; could be lots of options there.

- The CotP Artisan Tour : We gather some of our guild crafters, build a bunch of portable crafting devices, grab ingredients from the harvest depot, and head to various newbie zones/starting cities and set up a crafting bazaar where we offer to make baby players free gear and stuff. We would announce the tour in appropriate server-wide and zone channels. This lets us advertise our guild in a very positive way and gives us an opportunity to recruit new members. In my EQ1 guild, I'd say at least a third of our membership came from meet-n-greet activities like this. This can capture both new players and veterans, particularly veterans that just copied over from the live servers and have to start from scratch.

- Heritage Quests raids: We really need more activities going on, and I think this is a great one. Lots of people still need their HQs and have been asking for help on them, and completing them provides a great benefit to both members and the guild in the way of status and experience. Unfortunately, our members aren't all on the same page and are asking at times when there just aren't enough people available to accomplish them, especially the harder ones. We could fix this by picking one or two Heritage Quests each week, announce what they are and when the "raid" will be, and that will be our focus that week. Have some of our higher level players mentor down to help out, and then run through the Heritage Quests.

- Holiday Events: We could do something special related to particular holidays. Many holidays have special items you can earn or create, and we could use those as rewards. The event itself can also be themed after the holiday it is hosted on. It could be events similar to those I listed elsewhere, or other things. There is a lot of potential here. I'm typing this on the fly, so I will try to come up with some more ideas, and maybe you guys can offer some suggestions too!

- Guild Hall Bazaars: Similar somewhat to the CotP Artisan Tour I mentioned above, but this would take place in our guild hall instead of newbie areas. We would set up crafted tents and counters in a room (or rooms) to make it look like a bazaar. Our crafters would make things as prizes or make things for people for free (if they supply the materials; free as in no tip). We could offer door prizes, free treats, and maybe some games, like riddles or mini-scavenger hunts. This would also be another great recruitment opportunity, and with all the announcements accompanying activities like these, we can get our name out there in the chat channels more often and build a reputation for being a fun-loving group of people (which I think most of us are, right? :P).

Those are just a few ideas that have been on my mind. There are obviously lots of other possible events we could do, like writ raids and real raids. I don't know where people stand, but there is also the possibility of helping members get their Epics. We need to schedule them a bit more regularly, give plenty of advanced notice, and make sure they run on time out of respect for the people that show up on time. If events always start late, or last too long, people will be less interested in future events. In combination with the other things, I think it will also encourage our members to check the forums more regularly to make sure they are aware of our upcoming events so they don't miss anything.

Now obviously, this will require people to volunteer their time to help out with events. I'm not trying to offer suggestions just to let someone else have to figure it out. I have a lot more time available than some folks, so I'm volunteering to get a lot of these things set up and going, if permitted. I of course would always love help from anyone that is interested, and welcome any ideas you guys might have!
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#363181 Improve your BDO framerate

Posted by Ronin on 13 May 2017 - 11:35 AM

This guide will help most people in BDO improve their frames per second and smooth gameplay, this will primarily help gamers with less than top end machines. However this can benefit even extremely high end computers, because the most important part of the guide is turning off V-sync for BDO which the game doesn't normally allow.

I'll try to give a short explanation of why gamers typically HATE Vsync and will jump through hoops to turn it off. The short way of saying it is this, under almost any circumstance it is just throwing away a large amount of the performance/framerate a gaming computer is capable of. I'll try to give a longer more accurate explanation in my own words. So the primary purpose of Vsync is this, reach the the default refresh rate of your monitor. For most people this means 60 frames per second(fps). During this explanation I'll assume you have a 60 fps screen but works for all screens of any framerate with just slightly different math.

One important thing to understand about this guide is it typically doesn't run at high frames per second. So how Vsync would work is this, if it can't reach 60fps then it will try to run it at a multiple of 60, which depending on the type of vsync BDO uses, may mean dropping down to 30fps, or 15, or worse. So let's assume your computer is capable of 99% of the power required to run at 60fps, then vsync will NOT allow you to run 59fps, instead it will force 30fps. Which means the game just basically threw away almost half of your graphics power, half of your frames per second, and the picture instead of being relatively smooth like a movie just became more like a slide show. However if you turn off Vsync, you then just got back that performance that Vsync was stealing, you'd then be running at 59fps instead of 30fps. Hopefully this explanation is helpful in letting you know why Vsync is undesirable for the average computer playing BDO.

Most games have a simple box to turn Vsync off, but this being BDO they have to make everything difficult, so we have to find a way to override the games graphics settings.


Now that the why is out of the way, here's the how. There will be 2 sections to this guide, since the steps are slightly different depending on your video card. So please know or find out what Video card brand you have, Nvidia or AMD. In either case please make sure you have the newest stable graphics drivers, or at least the best driver you know works for your card.


For Nvidia Geforce Users:


Open windows control panel, then open Nvidia control panel, under "3D Settings", click "Manage 3D Settings", then the "Program Settings" tab. Under select program to optimize, click the down arrow and find Black Desert (blackdesert64.exe) IF for some reason you don't see Black Desert 64 there, click the "ADD" button, then "Browse" then find the folder where you installed BDO and select blackdesert64.exe from there, then click "Open". Scroll down to "Vertical Sync" and select "OFF". Here's what that should look like. http://i.imgur.com/5es24f2.png Click "Apply". You should now notice a framerate improvement as well as the gameplay becoming much more smooth from this setting alone, you can stop here and likely benefit greatly. However, if you so choose you can go through the other settings in this window and change them as well but what you should set them to is dependent on your hardware, so it's difficult to make recommendations here, however Nvidia has highlighted some options that they recommend and SHOULD be safe to try. But for now Vsync being turned off should be a nice improvement on it's own, so you could stop there and go enjoy BDO running more smoothly and at a higher average framerate.


For AMD Radeon Users: Update Coming Soon





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#349297 Reset Server?

Posted by Elric on 26 June 2016 - 10:34 PM

Looks like there is still some bad blood here.  Honestly I think it would be best for you guys to get together and hash it out "in person" on Mumble sometime.  We don't really want the negativity of a disagreement dominating this thread, as it was meant to get an honest opinion of "reset the server, or not". 


Everyone who is actively using the server has either voted or spoken with me, and it's clear that the majority want to keep the current server going for now.  I could leave the poll up longer, but it would likely only be voted on by people who aren't active anyway. ;)

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#343812 Your Team name

Posted by Rem on 06 April 2016 - 06:42 PM

Hello there,

My team name is,  BaconBlitz

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#308355 LOOTING IS IN, BE CAREFUL !!!!!!!!!!...

Posted by Pino on 22 January 2015 - 01:27 PM

Top ten answers when accosted by strangers in the wilderness
10. " I heard there was coal here but all I see are shiny rocks "
9. " I just joined the biggest group I saw, why, is there a better company I could join ? "
8. <logs off>
7. " Hi, say, are you streaming too ? "
6. " You're not going to kill me like the last 3 groups are you ? "
5. " I AM sprinting "
4. <drops pin on own location> /Hex " fresh meat ! "
3. " r I don't think we're going to find anyone out here to ambush guys "
2. <dies with 200 different low weight, white items in inventory>
1. <uninstalls>
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#307662 Immunes/Housing Interior Designer Vacancy.

Posted by Soulless on 14 January 2015 - 12:36 AM

Time lord.  Ya know...wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

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#270958 Founders Week Game - Brighthaven's Battle Of The Bards

Posted by Ztuke on 26 March 2014 - 10:56 PM

With footfalls shaking ground
Shephards of wooden flocks
Tower o'er forests green

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#263988 Looks Like We Have a New Title We Can Award

Posted by Ixiolander on 04 February 2014 - 08:44 AM

Those discussions are getting awful heated. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't agree with what Bludd is saying either but arguing and raising to his bait gets us absolutely no where as Lifedragn says.

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#248601 FFXIV: Beginner's Guide

Posted by Elric on 20 August 2013 - 09:42 AM

After quite a bit of research, I finally have a working draft for my "FFFXIV Beginner's Guide".  You can find it listed in our Tutorials section at:  http://www.covenanto...eginners-guide/


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding the guide.  I will continue to add more content to it this week, but I wanted to at least get this much of it posted for review. :drinks: There was a lot of information out there that I tried to confirm with the official sources whenever possible.  It's worth a look even if you aren't a new player in FFXIV, as there was a lot of information out there that I didn't know about before I read it. ;)

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#235360 100,000,000

Posted by Arlan on 08 March 2013 - 02:23 AM

A few months ago I made a goal for myself to earn 100 million credits in SWTOR, this week I achieved that goal.




How I earned the money:

-Playing the game naturally

-Dailies in the early months of SWTOR, but rarely in the last few months



I did not ever buy any credits from credit sellers or buy items from the Cartel Market to sell on the GTN, every credit I own is from in-game activities. 


Crafting made up the bulk of my earnings, here are the professions from most profitable to least profitable:

-Cybertech - Rank 26 and later Rank 27 Armorings & Mods

-Armstech - All 3 Rank 27 barrels and 5 types of Rank 22 Purple Augments

-Artifice - Rank 26 and 27 Enhancements and Rank 27 Consular hilts (still haven't learned the Knight hilts) - there was a huge gap from Armstech to Artifice, I think there are a lot more Artificers on the server than Armstech, making it harder to make money with this profession

-Armormech - 4 types of Rank 22 Purple Augments

-Synthweaving - 3 types of Rank 22 Purple Augments



Notes and tips:

-All 5 crafting professions on their own earned millions

-I never tried to make money with Biochem, as the selling prices are too low to be worth the time to try to craft for profit.

-Slicing - I used this to try to get Neural Augmenters for all the augments, never for lockboxes

-All the items I focused on were items that you get 2 items for the material cost of 1 when you get a critical result crafting - you can still make a profit on these items even when the crafted item sells for less than the raw materials, you just have to mass produce

-While I supplied my own materials as much as possible, the majority of the materials used I purchased from the GTN; if I only crafted with materials I obtained on my own, I would only have a fraction of the credits I do now


My crafting routine consists of logging into 5 different crafters 3-5 times a day to keep them productive, each time listing new items and relisting expired sales, always undercutting the lowest price on the GTN by a small amount and mass purchasing materials for new batches of items.



I started tracking my credits in August last year, here are my credit totals over time:

8/13/12 - 24.9 million

9/20/12 - 34.1 million

10/27/12 - 36.2 million

11/26/12 - 38.3 million

12/20/12 - 41.2 million

1/22/13 - 62.8 million

1/31/13 - 30.9 million - I spent nearly 40 million this day buying Rank 27 item modifications to try to learn schematics

2/23/13 - 76.7 million

3/7/13 - 107.7 million



If you have any questions or want advice on how to make money crafting, feel free to post them here or ask me in game.  I've shared the basics here and have shared them in game as well. I would love for everyone to have the same success I've had. 



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#219504 What I've learned so far

Posted by EinzSurik on 11 September 2012 - 01:32 PM

Just wanted to share some of the things I've learned along my travels the past two weeks. May be known to most, hopefully will help a few. Please feel free to add or correct as you see fit.
  • Gather everything you come across as you travel, and travel by foot as much as possible. This saves on Waypoint travel costs and the mats you don't use make for great coinage on the Trading Post.
  • Along with gathering, holding down the left Ctrl key will highlight the name of gathering nodes and most anything that can be interacted with, such as items that you needs to collect for collection events.
  • Craft your own first four 8-slot bags/boxes. By the time you hit level 10, you'll likely have enough leather/cloth/ore mats to make them from Leatherworking, Tailoring, or Armorsmithing at crafting level 0. You can drop once you're done if it's not a profession you were planning to level.
  • Not only can you right click items to send to your bank, but you can also sell to the Trading Post from anywhere. Putting any green drops that you can't use on the Trading Post slowly builds plenty of cash daily. Every day I log on, I have anywhere from 50s to 1g waiting for me to collect. Now to just find a way not to spend nearly as quickly as I earn.
  • Vendor white and blue drops instead of salvaging, at least until level 80. I don't know what it's like at 80 content, but normal salvaging doesn't tend to be worth the return compared to the vendor return amount. You can gain plenty by salvaging mat drops like salvagle hide and the bags dropped by humanoid mobs.
  • Complete each map to 100%. Along with transmute stones, fairly decent gear is rewarded. And you get to see some really great views with the vistas. Plus it adds more travel by foot, meaning more chances to gather.
  • When you finish an event, unless it was to defend an area or structure, do not leave. Most non-defense dynamic events continue onto more events. I've lost count of how many events I have done to see everyone but two or three stick around for the next one, missing out on further rewards and story.
  • Don't simply tag an event by doing just enough to earn bronze, silver or gold medals, and then go off elsewhere. It's a douche move and something people are paying attention to, and in turn will likely cause Arenanet to modify. Events scale to who is present when they begin, it does not scale as people come and go into the event. So if the event starts with 50 people, and half way through there's only 10, it becomes that much harder to complete when the big boss appears. Granted queues, disconnects, real life, etc. happen; this is mostly regarding people who see an event starting, stick around just long enough for a few kills or turn ins, and then move to the elsewhere.
  • Don't be afraid to help kill mobs. Experience and drops are not altered by how many players killed a mob. They developed the game to get people to be friendlier in the gaming world, and this is one of the keystones behind that. And while someone may be doing ok with a mob, as most melee players can attest, a fight can quickly turn ugly with a poorly-timed dodge. I have yet to meet someone who was killing the same mobs as me for a heart that didn't appreciate the help.
  • Don't think of yellow-text mobs as lovable creatures that haven't earned a whoopin'. The game rewards you for killing a mob that has been alive for a certain amount of time, and considering most people just run by them, most that you come across have been walking the earth for far too long.
  • Once you complete a heart, go back to that person to see what they sell for karma. If you haven't out-leveled the zone by too much, the gear is often a good upgrade, and a few sell crafting recipes and uncommon/rare crafting mats. Make sure to check regular merchants also. I have found a few that also sell recipes/mats that aren't sold or found elsewhere.
  • If you find cooking mats that can be bought in bulk for karma, buy ten and bank the 250. Rarely are those same mats found on more than one or two other vendors and the last thing you want to do is have to remember who sells them when you're in Lion's Arch doing a run on your crafting. Don't go to the Trading Post for them, people realized they are uncommon so they buy them just to sell for huge profits.
  • The karma vendors in the major cities all sell the same three chef mats. Don't do what I did and visit each one, thinking they'd be different. I don't know if this results in the latest changes to the Chef profession, or if the items change at all, but it was a huge let down after all of that traveling.
  • While in a group, you can Ctrl+T to place a marker on a mob to either kill or whatever. I'm not sure if this is limited only to the party leader.
  • Reviving downed players should be a priority during a big boss battle, especially if you're the closest. It is faster to get them up from a downed state than when they are dead. It is also faster if more than one person helps revive.
  • Along with reviving others, if a boss is locked onto you, try to kite it away from any downed/dead players. This will greatly aid those trying to revive.
  • When tackling a boss in a group, don't stand off to one side by yourself or at max range. So many professions have abilities and traits that also affect those around them, being in range will greatly boost your performance.
  • Download the PDF from this reddit post: http://www.reddit.co..._karmaunlocked/ It lists all crafting recipes sans those bought with Karma and Legendary. It has been a godsend for me and helps with building my crafting database of what I can make.
  • Great interactive map for findings nodes of particular crafting mats: http://gw2craftmap.bteamgaming.com/ They are currently working on the next version as it needs a significant overhaul, but once it is completed, I can see it being extremely useful, at least until GuildHead has a more completed database.
  • Having problems with a particular jumping puzzle? The official wiki has the answer: http://wiki.guildwar.../Jumping_puzzle
  • Also, you'd be surprised as to what info the wiki has by typing in game chat /wiki *, replacing the asterisk with just about anything in game.
  • I found the best way to get help with Vistas are to search on Youtube for "gw2 *", replacing the asterisk with whatever the area name is on the map that's the closest. By now, nearly all vistas have been recorded.

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#163504 COTP Founders Week

Posted by Eldonis on 28 February 2011 - 11:35 PM

The Anniversary of our great guilds founding in quickly approaching. The event will run from 3/26 to 4/2. To celebrate this occasion, there will be contests events and trivia here on the forums. As a bonus, I will be setting up a couple "In Game" Events and contests. I will post more information on these once planning becomes gets underway. If there are any ideas for in game activities let me know. If you have any ideas for forum activities, send a private message to Delmar.
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#115749 Introductions!

Posted by Damis on 04 September 2009 - 12:52 PM

Dropping by or visiting the Covenant of the Phoenix? about to join us? or just want to introduce yourself for any reason, then post within this section!

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#350407 Best Familiars per Class

Posted by October on 12 July 2016 - 12:42 PM

Hey guys, found a nice guide on the Icarus forums on which familiars suit each class best. Note that your familiars used are completely optional, but this will help with stats. 




[ [ [[GUARDIAN]] ] ] 
Best Flying Mount:
LynicRuby BloodwyrmScalleda (Extension: Any Griffin, however Yvoke includes a magic attack boost)
Best Land Mount: 
BakkhusCold TuskAl-ShaiTrutanHoonbaba (Early Game: Any Bear, any Buffalo\Cow)
Best Pet: 
LeoridChakaiTrutanNatan the Tyrant (Early Game: Any Common Bear \ Buffalo\Cow)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[BESERKER]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Caldera FirebeakRuby Bloodwyrm, (Early Game: Redfeather Hatchling)
Best Land Mount: 
Leorid (Early Game: Pritsha the Cannibal)
Best Pet: 
Black StormwingRuby Bloodwyrm (Early Game: Any Common Wolf\Feline)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[ASSASSIN]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Caldera FirebeakAlbino AshtailRuby Bloodwyrm (Early Game: Redfeather Hatchling)
Best Land Mount: 
Leorid (Early Game: Pritsha the CannibalFenrisChakai)
Best Pet: 
Albino AshtailCaldera FirebeakRuby BloodwyrmLeorid (Early Game: Any Common Wolf\Feline)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[PRIEST]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Blue Bloodwyrm
Best Land Mount: 
LogashRogaton the WhiteBaranosaurus
Best Pet: 
Blue BloodwyrmFrost SpiderTaslan the Devourer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[WIZARD]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount:
Blue BloodwyrmYvoke (Extension: Any Griffin)
Best Land Mount: 
Magma HoundBaranosaurus
Best Pet: 
Blue BloodwyrmFrost SpiderTaslan the Devourer


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