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#338361 Chapter Rules (REQUIRED READING)

Posted by MadBlue on 20 February 2016 - 08:11 AM

If you are looking to focus solely on crafting and collecting items to decorate your house and have no interest at all in helping with PvP, go away....now.


Not to nitpick, and maybe it's just the wording, but is this really seems kind of negative. The email invitation said:


"Remember that we are gathered here to continue a quest to fulfill our gaming goals in a family environment catering to gamers of all styles, all genres and with every sort of gaming schedule imaginable. It is a guild environment that asks its leadership to inspire our membership, rather than require anything of them. One that chooses to promote through ability and merit, rather than statistics and elitism..."


Granted, it's a PvP game, and people should know that going in, but IMHO folks who aren't really all that interested in PvP but want to experience the game world and contribute to the guild through crafting for the guild shouldn't be made to feel they're unwelcome (especially after getting that invitation). And who knows, they might even get into PvP and have a real talent for it.

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#335884 Please SIGN this post on the SWTOR forums

Posted by Ztuke on 17 January 2016 - 05:53 PM

I do not expect my post to be up for very long so I will quote my comments below as they were posted on the SWTOR.COM forums.





I found it offensive that one and more of YOUR representatives made comments in the past on the issue of the 500 name cap on guild rosters and dismissed it, by at the least implication, that it was a none issue as you had data showing that none or very few guilds had even come close to this cap.

I am a member of and an officer of a very active guild on the East Coast servers. On one of these servers alone, we have been forced by your attitudes to create at this date, 8, yes EIGHT, guilds in order to handle our membership numbers! Oh, I can see the trolls and snipers already making comments about cleaning out the roster, pruning old characters, limiting the number of characters and telling me to stop recruiting. To you buffons, I respond, why should I stop recruiting? RECRUITMENT, say it with now, re-cruit-ment, is the lifeblood of a guild, telling a guild, any guild to stop recruiting is the metaphorical equivilant as telling a person standing on a ledge of the fifthteenth story to "shut up already and jump you idiot!".

For two years now we had had to, at regular intervals of betweeon one and three times a month, purge alts and characters not played in some time only to have those members return and contact us, when they can be bothered to, express disappointment and/or disgust at the treatment we have shown by removing them. We don't like kicking characters, we don't see why we should have because you Bioware have set a cap that only made sense when the game was released under the ORIGINAL design models and not under the operating MODELS it now runs under. Yes, you responded by upping teh character limit from 8 to 12, to 18 then 20 then 22 and now 40 characters on an account on a PER SERVER basis! Fine, we the player base asked but to do such a thing without any thought or regard to what this would do to guild rosters, was thoughtless at the least, nearly incompetant at worst.

If you cannot raise teh cap because of technical means, are you at least able to provide us with more comprehensive roster management tools and tracking utilities? Are you able to intriduce the capability of LINKING MULTIPLE GUILDS TOGETHER UNDER A COMMON BANNER? Have you even given considersation such as this any thought whatsoever or were they beneath your contemplation?

Yes, I realise I come across as upset, but you try managing a guild for nearly four years with in excess of 400 ACCOUNTS and see how well your calm remains!

This is not an attack, it is just an empassion plea for some thought and action. We know full well that the chances that you BIOWARE will ever respond are slim to none, as you have made it utterly clear since approimetly six months after the first servers went public and live that you have little to no interest in communicating with us the player base in a meaningfull level of dialogue.

We are just as frustrated at the situation as you people are of us players moaning and complaining, but then since you hardly talk to us on a meaningful level what can you honestly expect!


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#270930 Founders Week Game - Brighthaven's Battle Of The Bards

Posted by Lifedragn on 26 March 2014 - 09:48 PM

Fire and ice exchanged

Scales of red and silver gleam

In the moon-lit fight

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#264014 Looks Like We Have a New Title We Can Award

Posted by Papaver on 04 February 2014 - 12:08 PM

I heard from several people who work from home tell me that they need to have a separate room for work activities. Not only for the reason that it's more tidy that way but also that they can leave the room in order to feel like they leave work. This is so that they do not have work on their mind all day.


Andius, I heard you describe the CotP Mumble and Forums as the place you are the least stressed out at. I would strongly suggest that you do not bring the things that are specific to the Paizo forums over here, at least for yourself. That way you leave the Paizo forums when you close the Paizo forums tab/window in your browser.

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#164243 Let's Play A Game!

Posted by Arcturys on 05 March 2011 - 01:36 AM

Quick background: For a few years, I was the guild leader of a family-style, casual-gaming guild in the original EverQuest. From that description, you can see it was very similar to our CotP. Our focus in that guild was on having fun. We weren't concerned about hardcore raids, or the end game, or having the top rankings on the leader boards. We were only concerned with enjoying the game and getting the most fun for our money. Besides, there were always plenty of raiding guilds for people that wanted them, so most of our members knew coming in that that wasn't our focus, and it's why they wanted to join us.

Anyway, one of our favorite things to do was to run special events, from Buff & Bandage (Meet-n-Greet) events to various little games and puzzles I'd make up and run in various zones, like the Arena or Plane of Knowledge. I've been a game master for several years in a pen & paper game called Rifts by Palladium Books (if you've heard of it), and I love making up stuff for people to enjoy! One example: I created a gnome mage called Newblet, sat in PoK, and kept calling out riddles in /ooc. Anyone that could find me in the zone and answer my riddle got a prize. It was simple, but a lot of people said they enjoyed it. I think we'll find a lot of our members and even non-members would really enjoy fun events like this.

So, with the permission of our leadership, I was thinking we could do something to spice things up a bit and to possibly help rebuild our guild membership. Some examples:

- Scavenger Hunts: This could be either actual items that can be found in the game, or having guild officers create un-guilded alts to play a sort of "hide-and-seek" scavenger hunt. In this, the members are given clues to locate one of the hidden guild members. When they solve the riddle and find that person, they are given new clues to find the next person in the chain, and so on. To make "everyone a winner," in EverQuest I would buy a ton of jewel crafting gems, ranging in value from cheap to expensive, and every time you solved a clue and found a hidden guild member, you'd get a gem. The first person would give you the cheapest gem; the second person would give you the second cheapest gem; and so on. The further you got, the more gems you got as a reward, which you could sell to a merchant for cash. We could have other loot, special privileges, or something crafted especially for the winners of these events (I prefer games where there can be multiple winners too, such as in these scavenger hunts). EQ2 gives extra options that would be cool, such as a personalized greeting card (like the one you can make from Frostfell recipes) that can be displayed in the players' houses and could maybe have a message like "Winner of the March 2011 CotP Scavenger Hunt!" Just an idea; could be lots of options there.

- The CotP Artisan Tour : We gather some of our guild crafters, build a bunch of portable crafting devices, grab ingredients from the harvest depot, and head to various newbie zones/starting cities and set up a crafting bazaar where we offer to make baby players free gear and stuff. We would announce the tour in appropriate server-wide and zone channels. This lets us advertise our guild in a very positive way and gives us an opportunity to recruit new members. In my EQ1 guild, I'd say at least a third of our membership came from meet-n-greet activities like this. This can capture both new players and veterans, particularly veterans that just copied over from the live servers and have to start from scratch.

- Heritage Quests raids: We really need more activities going on, and I think this is a great one. Lots of people still need their HQs and have been asking for help on them, and completing them provides a great benefit to both members and the guild in the way of status and experience. Unfortunately, our members aren't all on the same page and are asking at times when there just aren't enough people available to accomplish them, especially the harder ones. We could fix this by picking one or two Heritage Quests each week, announce what they are and when the "raid" will be, and that will be our focus that week. Have some of our higher level players mentor down to help out, and then run through the Heritage Quests.

- Holiday Events: We could do something special related to particular holidays. Many holidays have special items you can earn or create, and we could use those as rewards. The event itself can also be themed after the holiday it is hosted on. It could be events similar to those I listed elsewhere, or other things. There is a lot of potential here. I'm typing this on the fly, so I will try to come up with some more ideas, and maybe you guys can offer some suggestions too!

- Guild Hall Bazaars: Similar somewhat to the CotP Artisan Tour I mentioned above, but this would take place in our guild hall instead of newbie areas. We would set up crafted tents and counters in a room (or rooms) to make it look like a bazaar. Our crafters would make things as prizes or make things for people for free (if they supply the materials; free as in no tip). We could offer door prizes, free treats, and maybe some games, like riddles or mini-scavenger hunts. This would also be another great recruitment opportunity, and with all the announcements accompanying activities like these, we can get our name out there in the chat channels more often and build a reputation for being a fun-loving group of people (which I think most of us are, right? :P).

Those are just a few ideas that have been on my mind. There are obviously lots of other possible events we could do, like writ raids and real raids. I don't know where people stand, but there is also the possibility of helping members get their Epics. We need to schedule them a bit more regularly, give plenty of advanced notice, and make sure they run on time out of respect for the people that show up on time. If events always start late, or last too long, people will be less interested in future events. In combination with the other things, I think it will also encourage our members to check the forums more regularly to make sure they are aware of our upcoming events so they don't miss anything.

Now obviously, this will require people to volunteer their time to help out with events. I'm not trying to offer suggestions just to let someone else have to figure it out. I have a lot more time available than some folks, so I'm volunteering to get a lot of these things set up and going, if permitted. I of course would always love help from anyone that is interested, and welcome any ideas you guys might have!
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#351758 AP vs DP, and gear requirements.

Posted by iller on 02 August 2016 - 01:13 PM

First off, this isn't a topic to condone high gear Floors or exclude anyone, it's mainly a request for a clear Vision forward on it and full transparency of the issue at hand.  For someone like me in particular, who easily goes 30+ failstack on every enhancement attempt above +10 ... the issue of gearscore is already contentious enough  (and is part of why I've always had falling-outs with heavily RNG based games Vs. known-quantity Crafting-heavy games).   If any of this information is out of Date, plz feel free to correct it


Now for some generalizations (from main forum findings it would take me a long time to find to link as Citations):

  • DP doesn't matter, unless yours is under 190 ... in which case you just get insta "Deleted" by anyone with 140 or more AP.
  • DP over 200 for "evasion" purposes doesn't matter either to really high Gearscore players since most of them are stacking and enchanting gear with +Accuracy scaling per echant.
  • Level doesn't have a drastic impact on ACC vs. Evasion (DP) unless you're separated by more than 4 levels from the opponent.
  • AP scales and contributes way more damage than "Carnage" Suffixes (+damage to humans)
  • No developer has outright stated how Carnage suffix interacts against DP.
  • HIGH levels of DP in general scales very poorly at its main job of reducing face-value AP damage yet high levels of AP continues to scale quite excessively on certain ranged classes (and possibly ninja, and Awakened-ranger too)
  • [[*controversial / speculatory]] This in effect means that even in smaller fights, players who focus on DP are considered cannon-fodder against 'High' AP focused players.  Therefore additional players who are also cannon fodder generally have to be allotted to that squad for outnumbering purposes just for it to uphold pressure w/ grapples against that Ranged/AOE high AP team.
  • Most survival for any DP focused build comes more from mobility, Shields, I-Frame length, and uptime of SuperArmor as opposed to raw DP/resists.  Especially when they're bound and being hit by Conditional Critical DMG.
  • Most "Resistance" accessories/stats; as in: not resistance to DMG but resistance to status effects (knocks/stiffness) are still considered ineffective due to the Multi-proc'ing mechanics of Ultimate skills which apply their crowdcontrol effect more than once per second and thus reroll on that chance to stun or in cases of slows have been observed stacking from chain-lightning due to poor coding.  Combined with resistance generally capping at 60% in PvP, this means most CC will get through everything but Shield-guarded player and IFrame spammers.
  • A lot of this goes out the window regardless once Awakened Weapons go live in which case everyone including former "Tank" classes (esp Warriors) pretty much 1-combos everyone else if they're grappled/bound
  • A minmaxxed Horse that breaks the netcode easily can make for a much better "distraction multiplier" than a slow Melee class with a shield and high DP. Especially if its rider can activate super-armor while mounted.

Standard disclaimers apply like Pearl Abyss possibly changing large systems at the drop of a hat or borrowing entire mechanics and content from other media.  The point being that these are considerations that *should* take precedent over a "combined" gear score. Alternatively, just having more Raw HP + SuperArmor(ignores CC's) might even be a more effective path to fielding various cannon Fodder squads aka: something resembling a FrontLine when or if some kind of gear Floor was placed on the COTP chapter


Lastly:  IMO, proven attendance is still more important than any gear score. Thus a google Docs signup sheet (that maybe denotes Ranged vs. Melee class & AP) telling you how many people for sure attend(ed) each event, tells you more about the strength of your force than the averaged minimum ("floor") gear score.  


TL;DR:  A.P. > IFrames > Latency > Class/Awakens  > Accuracy  >>>>>>  D.P. > Resistance > "player Skill"

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#343967 Guild Update

Posted by Damis on 08 April 2016 - 04:18 PM

Thanks for the update.   Looks like you are progressing well.

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#343812 Your Team name

Posted by Rem on 06 April 2016 - 06:42 PM

Hello there,

My team name is,  BaconBlitz

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#316806 Head to Feats: Better Understanding Combat In PFO #1 - Get what you paid for.

Posted by Proxima Sin on 24 April 2015 - 10:48 AM

There are two kinds of weapon attack feats: primary and secondary.


Primary - their icons have a light border and they are slotted in the lower left three boxes of the bar in UI.

Secondary - their icons have a dark border and they are slotted in the lower right three boxes of the bar in UI



Dev Points (my term)

You "pay" for a feat with the stamina cost and time spent activating it, and for that "purchase" you get a mix of damage factor and effects (which the developers have a bunch of math for to keep every feat balanced in cost and effect so I call the currency of paying and purchasing Dev Points).  Logically, the more effects a feat provides the less Dev Points are left to provide damage factor and vice versa.  Feats that cost more stamina and time get more Dev Points so they can afford to purchase more effects and higher damage factors.  A few important points:

-Some weapon attacks are so fast they are uninterruptible, while others are slower and rather susceptible to being interrupted.  The more vulnerable to being interrupted a feat is, that is balanced out by receiving more Dev Points to do damage or apply stacks of debuff etc.  A slow 1.6 second cd feat will have proportionally more damage and tricks going on than if it were scaled down to an uninterruptible .8 cd feat (unless it gets interrupted and nothing happens).

-Some effects are conditional on a specific circumstance like the target having a certain state or yourself having a certain buff; if that condition isn't met then the effect doesn't happen and the Dev Points used to provide that conditional effect are essentially wasted for that attack.

-A developer has said that conditional effects on a feat cost only half as many Dev Points as if they were guaranteed every hit. You get twice the kick for going to the trouble to meet that condition.


Using Primaries

Primary attacks cost less stamina then secondaries.  If you know anyone that discovered long swords and Whirlwind you might have seen them not want to use any other attack at all, ever.  But Whirlwind is a secondary attack that costs 62 stamina so after a use or two they have to stand there taking a lot of damage and wait for stamina regen to be able Whirlwind one more time, then wait again...  Using less stamina means primary attacks are more easily used one after another with much less inactive time between attacks.

Many primary attacks also have a chance to apply a state to the target, or a buff to you.  This can often be a link in a combination chain where later conditional effects play off of previously applied circumstances.  The buffs to you can also be quite useful on their own.


Using Secondaries

Most of the conditional effects I mentioned earlier are on secondary attacks.  Remember, you had to pay stamina and time attacking to get the chance at activating that conditional.  So if you're not going to get the conditional effect, it's very often not worth the stamina/time expense of activating that secondary attack.  That's a generalization, it's up to you.

It doesn't matter how the conditional circumstance happens or where it came from, only that it happens.  For example if you have an effect that says "40 Bleeding if target has Distressed" and someone else applies Distressed on your target with one of their abilities, that's great you're ready to go and your conditional effect WILL be activated.  If you have a primary that applies Favored to yourself and a secondary that says "...to target if you have Favored" you will be used to a primary-secondary chain applying Favored then using the secondary.  If someone else casts Bless that will apply Favored to you and your secondaries' conditions are met and will activate even though you didn't apply Favored to yourself.

You can combo with circumstances applied by feats from your own weapon, or your weapon swap, or another character.

Any secondary feat who's conditions are currently met will light up green in the UI bar, EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA TO ACTIVATE IT.  If you're planning to use a combo, it's handy to wait until you have just about enough stamina to cast both before you start it.  If you have just barely enough stamina to activate the primary, and the secondary costs even more stamina than that, you'll be waiting for stamina while the condition is ticking down to fall off.  There is a chance if you start from nearly empty stamina the circumstance from the primary might fall off before you regen enough stamina to finish the combo.


Putting It Together

You only get six weapon attacks slotted at a time, three primary and three secondary, so you want them working together as much as possible.  The feats for your combos and chains (some combos include three feats and chains can get five or six attacks long).  Defensively your weapon attacks can apply defensive buffs to you or debuffs to your target.  It's great if some attacks can be enhanced by others, like following a Razed attack (which reduces resistance) with an extra big feat that has higher than normal damage factor to maximize the damage it can do.  The specifics about that are as varied as all the feats for all the different weapons, but using the information in this first installment of Head to Feats should help you start weighing which ones give the most bang for your Dev Points with your other abilities or those of your party mates.

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#263988 Looks Like We Have a New Title We Can Award

Posted by Ixiolander on 04 February 2014 - 08:44 AM

Those discussions are getting awful heated. Don't get me wrong, though, I don't agree with what Bludd is saying either but arguing and raising to his bait gets us absolutely no where as Lifedragn says.

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#263984 Looks Like We Have a New Title We Can Award

Posted by Lifedragn on 04 February 2014 - 08:19 AM

I think the bitter discussions you are having are getting a bit overzealous. Remember that griefers act out for negative attention. You are either leaping to accusation or giving him exactly what he wants. Either way we can treat him appropriately in game based on his actions. But trying to project his forum behavior into in game behavior now is only giving his negative ideas more attention and visibility than deserved. By all means keep an eye on him. But be careful you aren't feeding a fire hee wants going.
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#248601 FFXIV: Beginner's Guide

Posted by Elric on 20 August 2013 - 09:42 AM

After quite a bit of research, I finally have a working draft for my "FFFXIV Beginner's Guide".  You can find it listed in our Tutorials section at:  http://www.covenanto...eginners-guide/


Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding the guide.  I will continue to add more content to it this week, but I wanted to at least get this much of it posted for review. :drinks: There was a lot of information out there that I tried to confirm with the official sources whenever possible.  It's worth a look even if you aren't a new player in FFXIV, as there was a lot of information out there that I didn't know about before I read it. ;)

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#219812 Quick Question

Posted by Elric on 15 September 2012 - 12:41 AM

1 - Is this game focused on alot of weapon swapping? It seems like the best way to be effective is to continously swap to different weapons in the middle of fights to fire off different powers throughout the fight based off what I was reading, more so for certain classes...

Swapping comes into play more for some professions (classes) than others. My Necro switches between Staff (2h) and a 1h/Focus combination when I want to focus more on AOE DPS or Single-Target DPS. Overall in GW2 I probably spend 80% of my time using the Staff. Some other professions like the Elementalist have a different mechanic that allows them to swtich between 4 elements (which changes the weapon skills for whatever weapon you have equipped). The game is as complicated as you want it to be. You can play some classes and only use 1 or 2 different weapons, while others you may be working with 7 or 8 depending on your situation. Either option is viable and has their benefits / drawbacks.

2 - Is the server you're on a Open PvP server or is it purely consentual all the way to max level? If it's consentual with special open pvp zones, are there enough non-pvp zones that you never feel required to go into the pvp zones while leveling?

PvE vs. PvP is very different in GW2. Unlike other MMO's, there are no "PvP" servers. All servers are PvE, but with the additional function of "World vs. World vs. World" (WvW) zones called "Battlegrounds". You can play exclusively in PvE, exclusively in WvW, or a combination of whatever you wish. You will not find random ganking while people are doing PvE in GW2. If you played DAOC, think of WvW as akin to the "New Frontiers" zones that DAOC used for RvR.

In WvW you are automatically allied with everyone from our server in that zone, and you battle against enemy players from the two opposing servers in the battle. Out there it is large group PvP with objectives such as taking Towers / Keeps, and siege weapons are a fun twist as well. In the WvW battlegrounds everyone is auto-balanced to be level 80, but you still use the same skills and gear from your normal PvE adventuring. It is important to note that you gain experience while doing WvW, and some people have even been able to level faster in WvW than PvE in some situations. What this allows is for players of all levels to participate in WvW without the glaring balance problems of a level 10 player fighting against someone who is level 80. The higher level players have small advantages due to better gear and more available skills, but it is still very possible for a lvl 10 player to beat someone who is level 80 in a 1v1 fight.

If you like more "instanced" PvP, there is a GW2 option referred to as "Structured PvP" (sPvP). In the sPvP matches you have small teams (like 10 vs 10) competing in a time or objective-limited match, similar to warzones or arena-style PvP in other MMO's. The different aspect of sPvP is that everyone is on completely even footing. Everyone is set to full level 80 and given a full set of skills and equipment. With everything unlocked by default, some players go into sPvP to test out how their PvE character will perform at "endgame" levels.

Long story short is "Yes, it is consentual PvE all the way from lvl 1-80". All of the "adventuring" zones are 100% PvE. More on that later.

3 - Are a majority of the players already at max level? Is the game that easy to get max level so quickly?

We have 230+ members in the guild right now. I'd say about 20-30 of them have one lvl 80 (max) character. Most of them also are running alts so don't play their 80 at all times. In general, the game is pretty easy to level. One of the "out of the box" strategies of ArenaNet with GW2 is that leveling experience is linear - not progressive. In other words, it takes roughly the same amount of time to get from level 14 to 15 that it does to go from 79-80. There are also a lot of different ways to gain experience in GW2 that are somewhat unique. For example, I leveled my Necro from 73-77 exclusively using crafting. At high levels you gain a ridiculous amount of XP from things like crafting. To explain further, when I went from 74-77 it took about 45 minutes since I had the crafting mats on hand.

4 - Is the game Alt friendly, in that it allows for enough variance in zones and available quests/etc. so that the game is not consistantly repetitive when leveling several alts (disregarding the PvP and WvW content)?

I would definitely say yes. I hit level 80 on my Necro recently, and in looking back I realized that I missed roughly 60% of the PvE game. Through the different options in leveling, and the speed in which your character advances (experience), you can move pretty quickly if you want to. This does mean that you may breeze through zones and miss content, or bypass some zones altogether. In general for every level bracket there are 3-4 different zones you can go through. GW2 also has a very interesting "Exploration" system that gives you experience, money, and item rewards for exploring specific places on the maps. Through "Points of Interest" and "Vistas" you will find yourself searching through every zone to try and find all the important parts of your current map. As opposed to breezing through zones, some of our members really enjoy taking their time and doing all the exploration achievements for all zones. It may not sound like fun initially, but I can definitely attest to the addictive fun of doing exploration.

I also think it is important to note that your character is always auto-leveled down to whatever zone you are in. For example if you take a level 50 character into a level 20 zone, the game auto-balances your character to be lvl 20. You still keep your gear, skills, etc. - but your stats are reduced to match the zone you are in. This allows you to go to a lower level zone than your character and still feel the challenge and excitement that you would normally expect. Because of this, you also gain experience appropriate to your level. You may not get as much in a lvl 20 zone compared to a lvl 50 zone, but it is still definitely substantial and makes it worth doing. This allows you to play with lower level friends without feeling like you going to a lower zone to help out is holding back your character. Other than "critters", you will not see any grey con mobs in GW2 that do not give you experience for killing them.

Trust me, I could go on for hours - but I think I answered your questions above. Feel free to ask if you would like to know anything else! :drinks:
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#165218 What is this?

Posted by Grim on 11 March 2011 - 05:46 AM

Following found here at clenched fist.

What are the glowing rainbow lights?

They signify where an artifact may rest.
How do I get the artifact?

You examine a scrying stone near the rainbow light. When you do, three runes (Tree, Sword, Coin) will pulse a specific intensity (Dim, Soft, Bright, Brilliant) and color (White, Red, Blue, Green) and one of three things will happen, you find nothing, you get attacked by mobs, or you find an item. If you are really fast you can get 7 scrying attempt from one rainbow effect. It seems to start a timer when you start the first scry, and cuts you off after a set amount of time. So if you get the mob spawn, go ahead and start your next scry attempt while you are fighting it.
Ranking the colors

This part is a work in progress, judging by data we have so far I am going to attempt to rank the colors. (ex. white seem to give better rewards than green) Any data you an provide to expand this would be helpful.

* Red - Lowest
* Blue
* Green
* White - Higest

Where do I get scrying stones?

You buy scrying stones from an NPC vendor, who is also the artifact vendor (possibly the artifact collector). There is one vendor on the docks in Thundering Steppes, and another on the docks in Nektulos Forest. This vendor sells scrying stones and buys artifacts back for 100% value. He does not sell artifacts.
What happens when I use a scrying stone near a rainbow effect?

There are several outcomes:

1. Nothing - You find nothing of value. Basically you just wasted a scrying stone, kiss 10s goodbye, thanks for playing.
2. Spawn - You disturbed something... A disturbed corpse spawns and attacks you. It is either a skeleton, zombie or ghost mob, level 16-24 and may be normal or have a single up arrow. The mobs tend to have normal loot for the mob type.
3. Item - You found something.
1. Coin Purse - The coin purse comes in various sizes. You get Ancient silver coins or Ancient Gold coins. The larger the coin purse, the more coins you get. The silver coins are worth 10s at the artifact vendor. As an alternate choice you are offered scrying stones at a 1 to 1 rate. There is a rare find when you get Brilliant White for all three runes, the reward is a Gold coin worth 10g or 100 scrying stones. Also reported is Brilliant Green for all three runes gives a reward of 50 coins or 50 stones.
* 3 Brilliant Red ???
* 3 Brilliant Blue ???
* 3 Bright White - 50 An Ancient Silver Coin or 50 scrying stones (value 5g)
* 3 Brillliant Green - 50 silver coins or 50 scrying stones (value 5g)
* 3 Brilliant White - 1 Gold coin or 100 scrying stones (value 10g)
2. Artifact - You found a damaged artifact. As an alternate choice, you can choose to receive scrying stones at a rate of 1 stone for every 10s of the artifacts value. The following is a list of artifacts found so far:
* An intact ancient comb - (value 40s) (Brilliant Red, Brilliant Blue, Brilliant Green)
* A damaged ancient basket - (value 10sp)
* A damaged fetish - (value 10sp)
* A lightly damaged ancient medallion - (value 30sp)
* A damaged ancient vest - (value 20sp)
* A perfectly preserved ancient lobster - (value 1g)
* Well preserved Clown shoe - (value ?)
* A damaged Urn - (value 10s)
3. Equipment - You found an actual equipable item with stats. These items do not sell back to the artifact vendor, but will sell to a regular vendor. The following are items found so far:
* Ruined Ancient Bangle 2 sta 3 agi 3 str 12 health 16 power 34 ac 80 cold 60 divine 40 mental usage skill 125 mastery 150
* Ancient Ruined Ring 2 sta 3 agi 3 str 12 health 16 power 32 ac at level 32 60 mental 60 disease 60 heat
* Ancient Chainmail Shoulderplates 188AC at level 35 5 sta 5 wis 15 health 13 power 134 cold 168 heat
* Ancient Hardened Gauntlets 7 agi 7 wis 17 health 27 power 242 disease 339 heat ac 208 at 24
* Rusted Ancient Boots 4 sta 2 agi 5 health 6 power 40 magic 80 mental AC 96 heavy armor skill 100 mastery 125
* Ancient Hardened Helm 5 int 9 wis 34 health 9 power 290 divine 290 mental AC 208 at 45 Heavy Armor skill 200 mastery 225 (value 4g96s) (Brilliant Blue, Brilliant White, Brilliant Blue)
* Frayed ancient sleeves: 14 health 14 power req 150 mastery 175
4. Books - You found a book. It is unclear what the ultimate purpose of these are at this time. What they do when you examine them is give you a timed mission to kill X number of mobs in X minutes. There is a set of books for each archetype. When you find this you will get to choose which archetype's book you will take, or as an alternate prize, you can choose scrying stones at a rate of 1 stone per 10s of the books value (Neophyte and apprentice books sell for 10s, Initiate books 20s, Accomplished books 30s). The books found so far are:

Book Types:
* Marshall for Fighters
* Archanist for mages
* Diviner for Priest
* Outrider for Scout

Book Titles:
* an initiate xxx's lesser training tome(kill 5 centuar in 5 minutes)
* an initiate xxx's standard training tome(kill 10 centuar in 5 minutes)
* an initiate xxx's greater training tome(kill 20 centuar in 5 minutes)
* an apprentice xxx's lesser training tome (kill 5 undead in 5 minutes)
* an apprentice xxx's standard training tome (kill 10 undead in 5 minutes)
* an apprentice xxx's greater training tome (kill 10 undead in 5 minutes)
* a neophte xxx's lesser training tome(kill 5 animal type in 5 minutes)
* a neophte xxx's standard training tome(kill 10 animal type in 5 minutes)
* a neophte xxx's greater training tome(kill 20 animal type in 5 minutes)
* an accomplished xxx's lesser training tome(kill 5 bixie type in 5 minutes)
* an accomplished xxx's standard training tome(kill 10 bixie type in 5 minutes)
* an accomplished xxx's greater training tome(kill 20 bixie type in 5 minutes)
* an experienced xxx's lesser training tome(kill 5 lizardmen type in 5 minutes)
* an experienced xxx's standard training tome(kill 10 lizardmen type in 5 minutes)
* an experienced xxx's greater training tome(kill 20 lizardmen type in 5 minutes)
* an master xxx's lesser training tome(kill 5 Thought Feeders type in 5 minutes)
* an master xxx's standard training tome(kill 10 Thought Feeders type in 5 minutes)
* an master xxx's greater training tome(kill 20 Thought Feeders type in 5 minutes)

Where do I find these rainbow effects?

Rainbow effects seem to appear only in certain zones and generally in the same areas. It is theorized that the spawn locations are on the same table as resource nodes. They spawn and remain in place for a certain time frame then disappear. You can get as many as 7 scrying attempts from one rainbow effect before receiving the message that this location is not active. Each person can get the same number of attempts, the effect does not diminish or despawn when someone scrys it. Some of the confirmed locations for rainbow effects are:

* Enchanted Lands
o Fairy island
o Halfling lookout post
o Goblin Ward Statue (The big head)
o In the farm fields near Foomby
o On hill overlooking Chompers pond
* Everfrost
o Island just to the left of the bell
* Feerrott
o Near Murdunk Falls
* Nektulous Forest
o Citadel of Gul'Thex
o Funeral Pyre
o Bone Lake
o Blackwater Pond
o Behemoth Pond
o Near Fireguard
o Camp Leeot
* Rivervale
o Scarecrow area
* Thundering Steppes
o Entrance to Ruins of Varsoon
o Sabertooth Den
o Graveyard just south of Sabertooth Den
o Crater Pond (near Goliaths, verify name please)
o Gnoll Cave (zone to Antonica)
o Grave Pool near Cove of Decay
o South Bandit camp
o Qeynos Tower 3
* Zek, the Orcish Wastes
o Spirit Lake
o The Pit mine
o Next to the Grenn Hood Trap Master
o Top of Deathfist Lookout (Titan's Tower)
o Near Druid Rings
o Around the Orc Camp where Tusk is
o In the nook containing the shattered mage spires

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#350407 Best Familiars per Class

Posted by October on 12 July 2016 - 12:42 PM

Hey guys, found a nice guide on the Icarus forums on which familiars suit each class best. Note that your familiars used are completely optional, but this will help with stats. 




[ [ [[GUARDIAN]] ] ] 
Best Flying Mount:
LynicRuby BloodwyrmScalleda (Extension: Any Griffin, however Yvoke includes a magic attack boost)
Best Land Mount: 
BakkhusCold TuskAl-ShaiTrutanHoonbaba (Early Game: Any Bear, any Buffalo\Cow)
Best Pet: 
LeoridChakaiTrutanNatan the Tyrant (Early Game: Any Common Bear \ Buffalo\Cow)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[BESERKER]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Caldera FirebeakRuby Bloodwyrm, (Early Game: Redfeather Hatchling)
Best Land Mount: 
Leorid (Early Game: Pritsha the Cannibal)
Best Pet: 
Black StormwingRuby Bloodwyrm (Early Game: Any Common Wolf\Feline)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[ASSASSIN]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Caldera FirebeakAlbino AshtailRuby Bloodwyrm (Early Game: Redfeather Hatchling)
Best Land Mount: 
Leorid (Early Game: Pritsha the CannibalFenrisChakai)
Best Pet: 
Albino AshtailCaldera FirebeakRuby BloodwyrmLeorid (Early Game: Any Common Wolf\Feline)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[PRIEST]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount: 
Blue Bloodwyrm
Best Land Mount: 
LogashRogaton the WhiteBaranosaurus
Best Pet: 
Blue BloodwyrmFrost SpiderTaslan the Devourer
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
[ [ [[WIZARD]] ] ]
Best Flying Mount:
Blue BloodwyrmYvoke (Extension: Any Griffin)
Best Land Mount: 
Magma HoundBaranosaurus
Best Pet: 
Blue BloodwyrmFrost SpiderTaslan the Devourer


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