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Ork Murder and Wizards

Posted by Fen , 07 September 2011 · 413 views

So this is my first venture into blog territory, and i thought it would be appropriate because i love to write and give people something to enjoy. I entitled this 'Joe's Uber Fun Blog' in reference to my youtube show 'Joe's Uber Fun Hour' which is very different to your usual viewing, anyway i didnt start this to talk about my show (youtube.com/joesuberfunhour :D)

so, to the article at hand

Ork Murder and Wizards

For me, as an Australian, Space Marine releases tomorrow, and by god i am keen, i spent about 8 hours today watching someone stream it from start to finish over the internet, and even though i know what happens, ill probably give it a few playthroughs myself. I am a huge warhammer fan, i am tattooed in very painful area's with warhammer art (no, NOT on my nads, thanks for the thought though :)) and i plan on having the emperor's litany and alot of chaos and imperial art tattooed on my back, its going to look amazing, and cost me more money than i can save. I have spent alot of time playing through the demo of this and looking at dev diaries and im am very pleased at how the IP was handled, though that being said, it is relic and THQ, who did Dawn of war, making this, so i have plenty of faith (and i did watch the stream, so yeah GG).

Now with Space Marine looking very very good, and worth more than one purchase (to me, games companies that go above and beyond to deliver an amazing product and not think with their wallets deserve my support, so i show it buy buying multiple copies of their product, i have done this with batman arkham asylum, which i own 3 copies -pc CE, steam and ps3, and so far, none others, because no other developer has 'wowed' me like that). with the game being that good, my hopes for the MMO (Dark Millenium Online) of being an excellent game are rising even higher.


So about once a week i check gog.com for any new releases in the hopes i get some awesome hidden gems that i miss, and with great pleasure i was able to see and buy one. Nox was released on gog.com this week to my delight, and by got that games was so far ahead of its time, its just so smooth, the effects in the game are crazy (the freaking mouse pointer on the main menu entertains me WAY more than it should) and the gameplay is challenging and solid. Nox is a game similar to diablo, but without skillpoints and skill trees, you can play 3 classes (warrior, conjuror and wizard) and play through 3 slightly different campaigns. when you level up its like you just defeated an immortal and had a quickening, its brutal as. i chose to play as a wizard, because i love casters, the casting in the game is very different to any other game, and, it may be the fact that im not very sober right now, or that im slack, but im not going to explain it :) youll just have to buy this gem for 5.99 and get blown away yourself, the game kicks an amazing amount of arse.


so sitiing here in my room, looking at my 30" monitor, typing this, with a self constructed 'Joe Version' Tallie of rum and coke (half a bottle of captain morgan, with coke added to the bottle) i think about how i like to entertain, i like to make people laugh, give people an experience, i try to do that with my youtube show, right now it may seem like just a bunch of cut together videos and music of me and my friends being incredibly drunk, but its more than that, its effort, in my episodic series, im currently shooting my 8th episode in a very different way, with a story and proffesional camera angles and shots, with alot of it being done completely sober, with some slightly scripted dialouge. And this blog, i want to show more of me to this guild, that even though i have been slightly absent from in the past year, i care about, ive been a member for 3 years, been an officer of the Warhammer Online chapter, the leader of the champions online chapter, and moderator of the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop board (which i assume and hope in the future ill be in charge of the DMO chapter :D heres hoping, hint hint)

so thats my first rant into a keyboard screen thing, i am intoxicated
check my spam thread in jabberworks, its entertaining to say the least, i try to sound all coherent when im not, its great :)

um, death to the false emperor?


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Nox was a great game! I bought when i worked part time at Gamestop for 4 bucks lol. My hubby even liked it! And yes, the mouse pointer was entertaining! At least as well as I can remember! I do remember laughing a lot. Especially when I heard hubby cussing up a storm because he just died.
This was in revenge, as when I die in a video game he says to me "you suck". So a little laughter at his expense is warrented in my opinion!

Thank you for the entertainment! I read your blogs you post here and enjoy them all!
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