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Posted by Nitrous , 01 August 2012 · 241 views

IntroductionsNitrous History Gaming
Introductions Hello, Phoenix Guildies!

Since I figured I got a bit of time on my hands, it's time to start working on a blog. Seems to be a fairly empty section of the site, which is a darn shame, considering I find this could be a handy way of getting to know your fellow guild mates outside of your own chapter.

So for our first entry here, I thought I might go ahead with introductions. Who I am, what I've done, and what you can expect from this.

My name is Alan, though I go under the online name of 'Nitrous' around here. I'm 29 years old and live in the state of Oregon with my wife Rachelle, who is also a member of this guild (SeaChelle). I joined with the Phoenix on February 17th, 2012 (on my wife's birthday, no less!) and tied the knot with SeaChelle on March 31st, 2012. That little bit isn't so much for your information as it is for mine, as my memory is kind of shotty and I'd rather have some kind of reminder of exactly what day my anniversary is.

I've been a gamer since I was three years old, when my father purchased an Atari 2600 for the house. I was hooked on it from day one, in particular the racing games. The noises and graphics, which were fantastic at the time, held the attention of my small brain for hours on end. I moved on to the Nintendo era, following them from the NES to the Super NES, all the way to the N64. Playstation followed, with Playstation 2, and then 3. I skipped over the Gamecube, as I was more focused upon Sony's entry's into the gaming world. And I never touched an X-Box, even to this very day. I've held onto most of this collection, and added to it over the years, giving me a nice chunk of video gaming history right in my own apartment.

PC gaming, however, was beyond my reach. While a console would only cost me between $100 - $400, the purchase of a gaming computer would easily start around $800, something I really didn't want to jump into. It wasn't until about a couple years ago that I was ever even able to consider the purchase.

My first introduction to online gaming was with Everquest Online, though it wasn't my account. A friend that I always went to visit after school had a subscription, so I played a couple of times with him. It was an interesting experience, though at the time I was more interested in Omikron: The Nomad Soul. After that, I wasn't very involved in online gaming. I knew of it, thanks to publications like PC Gamer, but I didn't get to try it for myself again until World of Warcraft. At that point, I didn't have a guild or even a lot of friends who could play with me, so I tired of the game within a month.

I moved on to Final Fantasy 11 for two reasons. One, I was invited by a few friends to play, and two, the game had gone on sale. I played for two months this time, but quickly realized that chances of me playing with my friends were low, since they had maxed out characters and weren't willing to level a lower job.

Needless to say, my history with online games wasn't a great one. And yet I felt compelled to purchase Final Fantasy 14 upon it's release, thinking perhaps if I started from the beginning of an MMO's cycle, my chances would be better to find and keep a group. I couldn't have chosen a worse game to try this with, as it turned out to be a complete failure at launch. What was worse, I purchased the Collector's Edition, wasting a total of $75 on it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic came after this. I waited about a week after launch before I picked it up, after hearing that it was actually quite fun. I decided against the Collector's Edition this time, just in case. And I've been playing it ever since then. For the first month or so, I played on Vrook Lamar and Krayt Dragon, since some of my friends were playing at the time, but once they had dropped out I went actively looking for a Guild. And that's when I came across Covenant of the Phoenix.

And here we are. Since joining the Phoenix, I've met a great group of people and become a Sentry in the PvE Chapter for SW:TOR. I know this has been a lot of boring information, and for those of you who have read through all of this, good on you. I promise to try and make any posts following this much more interesting or entertaining.

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