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What is 'Covenant of the Phoenix'?

Posted by Nitrous , 01 August 2012 · 607 views

What is 'Covenant of the Phoenix'? Back again, fellow Guildies. Last time I weighed you down with a lot of personal information about myself and promised you a more interesting read this time around. So I figured why not look at the guild as a whole instead of one ol' little member, hmm?

I'm not going to go too deep into the history of the Covenant, especially since that's already covered and way out of my time line. If you're curious about how Covenant of the Phoenix came to be, Throne has posted the first part of it's history right here. Personally, I think everyone should at least give it a look through. It's good to know your roots.

Instead, I will be looking at what makes the Covenant... well, the Covenant! And a bit of what you should expect of it's future.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (and yes, I have to pay George Lucas every time I use that line), several gamers put together the idea for a guild. That idea soon became the Covenant of the Phoenix. Their morals and beliefs on how one should be, even in a virtual setting, created the Charter. Every recruit reads the Charter, agreeing to abide by it's laws before becoming a true member of the Guild. In fact, before anyone can take a leadership position of any form, they must first be tested on their knowledge of the Charter and swear to uphold it.

There have been times that I have actually looked to the Charter for answers on how to handle situations within our Chapter. And the Charter did not disappoint. I'm not saying it's an end all, beat all source for information. But it certainly works as a guideline if you're on the edge about something.

So way back when the founders created Covenant of the Phoenix, what did they hope to accomplish? What was their driving goal for banding together? To get the 100% accurate answer to that, you'd have to ask someone like Throne. But I can certainly take a guess.

Let's take my own experience with online games for an example. I've hopped through a few here and there, and I've seen a lot of horrible practices not only from players, but from guilds as a whole. I've seen Elitism, been shunned by many just because I didn't know what I was doing or wasn't a high enough level. I've been completely ignored for not having all the gear others do, and told that I would be good when I "caught up".

But that's not how Covenant of the Phoenix operates. I've seen it with my own eyes, how you make the time and effort to help those who are struggling or just starting out. People who understand that real life takes precedence over trying to min/max your toon. Members offering to help push them through a hard area, play a lower level character with them, or flat out supply them with items and currency just because someone needed them. It's true that a lot of this is done as a synergy; the belief that doing this act will result in them doing the same when the roles are reversed. But that is not a bad idea to have.

Look at the Officers and Elders of your Chapter. Ask yourself: "Why have they been placed in charge? What made them volunteer for such an act?". I can tell you, it's not out of any bid for power or supremacy; that's just not how we Phoenix think and feel. They do so out of a sheer love of the games they play, and they want everyone to have the most fun they possibly can. Officers sacrifice their extra play time to bring something special to your experience. To make your game sessions a little better, and help everyone in your Chapter reach their goals. Without the organization of events by your Officers and Elders, a good amount of your play experience would be gone in an instant. No more group events with random games to keep you entertained. No more organized collecting of members for large scale runs through tough areas of the game. Nothing.

They are Covenant of the Phoenix.

And what about the members? The folks who join the Guild, growing it's ranks. Without all of you, we would have no Guild. If none of you had decided to join us, to add your hand to the fun we all have in our many games, Covenant of the Phoenix would have died out long ago. Your Chapter Leader, not long ago, was a regular member like you. They joined because they wanted people to play with; fun people who wanted to enhance the experience of their games together. And if they hadn't taken ranks within Covenant of the Phoenix, where would your Chapter be now? The future of Covenant of the Phoenix lies within it's members, every single one of them.

You are Covenant of the Phoenix.

So what is in the Covenant's future? That's up to you all to decide. When it was founded long ago, I can almost guarantee that none of them thought it would become so large. Hundreds of players stretched over dozens of games, all bearing the Phoenix's tags. All holding the same virtual morals and purpose: To have fun and to help others have fun. When the day comes that the current leadership moves on, Covenant will not be gone. New people will step up to take their place, the dreams and hopes of the guild itself lying upon their shoulders. We shall look up to them just as much as we do our current leaders. And they shall continue to bring all of us together and build a legacy for years to come.

I'm very new here, so I sadly did not have the privilege of meeting other members of our leadership that are no longer with us. But just glancing through the forums, even someone like myself can see how important those who are no longer with us have been to this guild. It is that kind of commitment and dedication to the Phoenix that lets me know how far we can all go. We all should shoulder such dedication to the Covenant, to uphold their dreams of how an online community must be. No one can replace our leadership team, nor should they. Instead, we take their beliefs and dreams for Covenant's future, and nurture them ourselves, to further it's legacy.

The bottom line is, the Covenant will last as long as we want it to. As we continue to pave the way through our games as a group, we set an example for those that will come after us. Much like raising a child, it is our actions and attitude towards our fellow players that will determine how the newer members will act and think.

So the next time you see someone yelling out in General chat for help, consider taking a break from your grinding to give them a hand. Heal or buff a random stranger in the middle of a tough fight. Ask an ungrouped player if they're looking to pair up. Because it is the hospitality and positiveness of us all that will determine just how far we go.

After all, we're all just here for fun, aren't we? Let's spread it out.

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Well said.
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Beautifully said! Thank you :D
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Very nice! :)
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Awesome! Thanks-=)
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