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From: CALL TO ARMS :) (Dragon Age 2 1st impressions)

Posted by Tagon , 23 February 2011 · 388 views

Finally got through the dl of the demo (seems a lot of people dling it right now).

First impressions: WOW :yahoo: !!! Great graphics and the new combat system looks to be amazing! The demo is really short and a lot of things I wish they would of allowed you to mess with are locked (including inventory). I have done one full run through as a duel wield rogue and was very impressed with how well it flowed. I started a second run through as a mage. However the game crashed and sense there is no save game option I will have to restart it. I will probably play through several more times to explore all options but I have to say I think we have a good game here.

Seems directx 11 may cause the demo some problems but their forums say the game does not have the same issue.

Source: CALL TO ARMS :)

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Awesome, thanks for the review
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I played both the PC and Xbox demos and was suprised how good the both looked. Xbox with no AA had all the jaggies but held other then that and it worked pretty good with the controler. That being said my preorder still whent to the PC verson.

Only thing I did not like about the graphics and I am guessing it stems from them using the ME2 eng is somethings looked somewhat plastic, like the ground at the start of the demo, nit picking for sure there :)

Seuper pumpped for thee UPS man to arrive with my order tomorrow!!
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I've beaten DA 2 around 14 times, ive never done the same thing twice. it's such a great story with amazing character development and the dlc characters really enhance the gameplay to further Hawke's character. Although the blood magic was a little excessive in the amount of blood that was thrown in
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