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Tree of Life chapter started - buy the game on sale and join us for some fun times!

Tree of Life game on sale on Steam

Dark and Light chapter established....death ensues


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  • Emblem Bugged
    Emblem Bugged

    That's an awesome logo!  BDO likes to bug out the logos and even the guild names.  We've seen other guild names over our heads some days.  BDO still in beta.. lol

  • 2017 1 24 CotP Dragon Night
    2017 1 24 CotP Dragon Night

    Lookin' good!

  • Steelcamps treehouse
    Steelcamps treehouse

    Looks like a btotherhood carrier landed 



  • PFO Councils
    PFO Councils
    okay, Gedi posted that list in the News from the council opening post: Council of Companies AC Kaeros 3A BraxTheSage EG Cheatle EL Alexander Damocles Wolves Pino GS Fierywind GM/SC Gedichtewicht (H...
  • PFO Councils
    PFO Councils

    We need also something for the council of compagny (who power is to elect the grand master and the military council?)

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