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#1 Azog

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Posted 20 January 2007 - 12:39 AM


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Chapter 1.

Our tale begins in a dieing land of men on the island of Maria. Almost all resources of the this land have been wasted by the men over war and conflict. The only awnser to peace is a new beggining.
"I heard once again the Arthans are marching towards us for more gold. I wonder, what havent they made out of gold, goblets, swords, armor, houses. There stinking rich and expect us to have more gold each day." said Richard smashing away at the stone beneath him.
"You should fight em off one day you know. Come on 1 on 400 not including there town militia and and gold smiths, probally to distracted by there shinys to even notice there town wall blown away by your mining skills." his brother Don said wiping the sweat of his head.
They both spent another hour, no gold, but happy to be done and over with. The two brothers decided to visit the shore to look at the ocean.
"You know I heard once that the king almost made something to float on the water, he called it a gold." said Richard.
"Figures" laughed Don "whats he gonna do? float to the end of the world and look underwater for the gold he needs, theres bound to be some down there you know."
"You know I wouldn't mind being on the gold one day, I think it would be cool to leave this horrible place. Even if I fell overboard and drowned. It would be a whole lot better than this."
said Richard staring at the open blue.
"You gotta be kidding me! Helping the king as it is now you wanna throw your life away on a gold to hopefully pull in some gold from the bottom of the ocean." yelled Don at the seemingly stupid idea.
Why would you want to go on a gold brick looking for gold in the middle of the water. Now if you think about that even better visualize it. You can see why it sounds stupid. Thought Don still staring at the buetiful blue sea.
"Wake up Don!" yelled Richard.
Don got up from bed and stared at the night sky still dizzy from waking up so early.
"The king tried his device again, and guess what!!!" he said Richard
"He floated away from us to drown and look for the gold on a brick of lead." he said Don.
"Nope, he floated about 10 feet away on a Gold piece of brick than drowned. The idiot couldn't swim with the extra 20 pounds of puffy gold studded clothing. Doubt he couldve even swimmed without it with all the fat on him. Long sink the King" Richard sang happily.
Just than an Arthan knight walked in, and he wasn't in the cherry singing mode at the time. All Don could think was run... Than something amazed him, nearly shocked him to death.
"Ahhh..." said the guard.
Blood dripped on the floor as the guard collapsed.
A stone tipped arrow was sticking directly in his chest. Not a bad shot.
Not the only roblem though. The brothers heard an bow getting pulled back, and from there point. That was the only guard in the area.
You guessed it a arrow smacked straight into the ground between the 2 brothers. Not bad marksmanship, I should really get him as a trainer if aint dead by noon.
Not the only thing they noticed about the arrow was that had a stone tip this time. It had a letter attached.
Being the only one who could read this ancient text Richard took the letter.

Due siete in pericolo grave sul terreno che vi levate in piedi.
Cadere tutte le armi che potete avere e punto fuori della tenda.
Qualche cosa eroico ed il vostri entrambi guasti. Un tir indietro dell'arco รจ tutto che abbia bisogno di.

Not being the best reader he could only understand certain parts.
"It says bring out our weapons and get ready to help him defeat the toilet kitty from Pakistan."
said Richard proud of his work.
His brother stares at him blankly.
"Well I say we go out unarmed. If we seem threatening he may shoot another arrow, and it might not be in the ground." says Don.
"And what happens if the toilet kitty attacks his with the plunger. Man I say we take the guards sword just in case." said Richard.
"Ok, one that has to be the dumbest thing I have heard all day other then the king trying to swim for gold. Two we might seem threatening to the archer. Three with that accuracy im sure were fine from the toilet kitty." Don said.
"Fine, if we die, its your fault. No weapons. I guess we be nice for present times. Sides I have always wanted a kitty." said Richard happily.
They exited the place looking around for the archer of great skill, and looking even harder for a toilet kitty.
"Hello" a shaded figure jumps down from the roof.
"You people, of all people I have helped have to be the most stubborn of them all. All I wanted was to get you out of the house. I hate houses. I can't stand in one never know whats hiding in em." the shaded figure said as he unhooded his mask.
Long white hair, not really white. Silverish.
I need to die mine that color some day thought Don.
"So we safe with the toilet kitty if im right. I mean nothing is gonna shoot plungers at me with a longbow." said Richard still unsure if he was safe.
The silver haired person stared at him almost exactly as Don had.
"Ok one, learn to read it does help, two what the heck is a toilet kitty? Where are you getting this..." said the silver haired person still staring.
"The note you shot at us. It said something about toilet kitties from Pakistan." Richard said.
"Ohh, the note that read
You two are in grave danger on the soil you stand. Drop all weapons you may have and step outside the tent. Anything heroic and your both dead. One bow pull back is all I will need.
what is a pakistan, and where does it mention a kitty. That is what I would like to know." the silver haired said.
"Well moving on, if you two dont mind im gonna get us somewhere safe. Prefferebly to my camp in the woods." the silver haired person says "and my name is Marin, should save the author some trouble."
They both stare at Marin.
"What just trying to get some decent parts for myself." he smiles at the sky. A thumbs up cloud appears. Whos this author thought Don, he obviously has alot of power...
"Moving along, let us get to my village before noon when the knights will be up asking for 2X the gold for there kings death. They will more than likely punish the villagers." he says as he walks into the woods. The two brothers follow baffaled. So far a very odd day...

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#2 Azog

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Posted 21 January 2007 - 12:30 AM

Feel free to make a comment or give a suggestion.  :)

As Maran and the 2 brothers move threw the dense forest they hear the screams of the vilagers behind them. Knowing they couldn't do much to the guards they move along.
"Ok, now where did I put the camp." Maran asked.
"Were lost aren't we." said Don
"Not exactly, we know where were at, in the middle of a forest, somewhere..." Maran replied.
"Ok note for future camp making, making it camoflaque in a place people already don't go to, stupid idea." Maran says to himself.
As they wander around hopelessly for atleast two hours they finally run into a area of fire and tents.
"There we go." Maran says "Oh never mind this is the Nar'Ath tribes town."
"Is that bad or good." asks Richard.
"If you consider canibals good I would have to say ya." says Maran.
"Save us from evil guards and lead us to canibals." says Don.
"Well maybe there nice canibals." said Richard.
10 minutes later they are tied to trees and getting poked with spears.
"Ok I think I understand there complex language." says Maran.
"Uga raga intagao tigi!" says what seems to be the tribes leader.
"He says. Long sun make cow drive SUV." says Maran.
"Ok, Richard has better translation then you..." says Don.
Another tribal warrior steps out of the tents, this one has white skin.
"Hello and welcome to my palace." the white skinned canibal says.
"Looks more like a tribal home for canibalistic people." says Maran.
"It would be better if we had decent resources but the Arthans took everything this island has to give." says the white skinned angrily "Luckily we have plans for new resources."
"Oh? The king tried floating a gold brick to search the seas about 3 hours ago." said Richard.
"Nope, we decided on a better way, our mystics have..." said white skinned leader.
"Invented something mystical, prefferebly a portal to get us of this island to search some land far away off the island." said Maran cutting his sentance in half.
"Pretty much. We found some gems an ancient scroll, the good stuff and were..." said the white skinned leader.
"Need something, probally a dangerous mission to get something from the Arthans that has been long gone and lost and very valuable information." said Maran once again cutting him off.
"Howd you know?" asked the white skinned leader.
"Kinda obvious." awnsered Maran.
"Well we found out the Arthans have a secret burial spot for there dead nobels, we have seen them carrying dead bodies down there everday." said the white skinned man.
"Not very secret." said Maran.
"Nope, but secret enough to have a load of guards infront of it, I will give you 10 of my men to help defeat the front guards. From there your on your own. Were freedom fighters not grave robbers." said the white skinned man.
So they went on there way back threw the forest and behind the castle. Nightfall had already happened before they got there.
"Ok everyone knows the plan. We rush the guards whe they seem sleepy." says Maran.
"We don't have any weapons." said Richard.
2 crude spears are handed to them by the tribals.
"Ok there they go about to fall asleep, on the count of 5." says Maran.
"RIIIIIICCHHARRRRRD." yelled Richard as he rushed 7 guards.
"Um ya, 5 lets go get em." said Maran.
All 13 of the men charged the sleepy guards. It was all odd against the guards as one by one they fell by arrow or spear blow.
"Ok that was easy, almost too easy..." said Maran as the canibals ran off.
Into the catacombs the 3 walked.
"Sooo, not everday we start a revolution, discover a lost canibal tribe, and find a way to leave this place." said Richard.
"Nope." replied Don.
"You know, have you been wondering why the cannibals just decided to quest for the lost knowledge?" asked Richard.
"He said they are not tomb raiders." replied Maran wiping a cob web off his face.
"And we are? Look at us, were peasents being lead by a wandering rebel, I mean when did this happen." asked Richard.
"Who cares? Now if you don't mind, quiet. I heard a sound." Maran said finishing his sentance off rather quickly.
A quiet sound in the distance, not sure what it was.
"Odd." Maran said.
"Dude, look its a catacomb, what do you think is gonna be here? Dead corpses, zombies and ghosts are the only thing I know of. Any others?" awsnered Richard.
"Sorry, but arent you a bit old to believe in those things?" said Maran.
Something smashed into the floor scarrying away 50 spiders. The same sound was getting louder and closer. Almost a faint moan now. The 3 decided to be quiet and move along. To get this knowledge the quicker the better.

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#3 Throne

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Posted 30 January 2007 - 10:38 AM

Great story Azog...looking forward to the next page...
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#4 Azog

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Posted 30 January 2007 - 07:49 PM

Sorry all, got preoccupied, well heres Chapter 3 :D

They walked down further the cold stone stairs of the catacombs. Almost no end to them. Pitch black looking up the stairs or looking down the stairs. Decent idea would been to at least bring a torch.
"How much longer do you think?." asked Richard.
Maran picked up a piece of loose stone off the stairs and threw into the pitch black darkness.
Nothing. Not even a faint thunk thunk.
"Id have to say a long ways." replied Maran.
So they walked and walked at least down another 300 steps.
Footsteps in the distance were heard.
"Bad news." said Maran "Recent noble death, and were directly in there path."
They were standing in a narrow hallway and guards were about to turn the corner to go back up the stairs. Not a good position.
"OK I got a plan, we go up the stairs, I would say one fourth of it to get the height advantage, my arrows will hit more often. You two will stand in front of me and guard." said Maran.
And so they followed the plan, but the guards never came. They stood there for 10 minutes.
"OK false alarm I guess." said Don unsure.
"Maybe they heard us and know our plan." awnsered Richard.
"If we go around the corner to see they have the advantage here." said Maran.
They decided to attack, they walked back down the musty hallway, and turned the corner. Just then continuous explosions could be heard. What madness?
They moved closer and heard yelling and crying...
They walked down the hallway to they entered a big and dark room, but with lights coming from boxes.
"OMG dude fire the gun or give me it, your a sniper" said one guard intently staring at his screen.
"DUDE I'm trying to get a decent shot at the noobs head." said the second guard.
The third guard was crying, his screen was full or red and fire. Is this the end of life? What is this monstrosity!!!
"Omgs, I found the noob Ifisa with his AK, lets move in on em." said the fourth.
"Dude, unequip the pistol than, were hunting after a assault unit not a sniper." said the first guard.
"Ummm, where here for some lost ancient knowledge, give it to us or we will shoot." said Maran trying to cover his fear.
"Dude, we stopped using scrolls years ago." said the third.
A loud sound came from a box with a trapezoid shape, paper came out.
"Have a nice day, don't tell the guards up there, we don't feel like quitting in the middle of a war to kill you, have a nice day." said the first.
They all walked back up the stairs, all 4 were crying again...
"Ok that was an odd moment." said Don.
"Um, ya" said Richard.
"Guess we go to the woods again." awnsered Maran.
All three hiked the way back up to forest for the knowledge of getting off the foul island. Hopefully, for good and better....
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#5 Lawyer

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Posted 28 February 2007 - 10:52 AM

How many pages are you going to do because its very good.
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