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Final Wrapup for H2, and primer for H3

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#1 Killercod



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Posted 17 May 2009 - 07:24 PM

Our party triumphantly left the Tower of Mysteries headed back to the Seven Pillar Hall.  They were greeted by Grendar with a business proposition and a magical bag in exchange for helping Grendar with some business in Fallcrest.  As a token of good faith, Grendar also identifies the items the party recently aquired for FREE.  The Staff is a 6th level Magic Staff +2.  This staff gives the wielder a +2 to hit and damage, and an additional 1d6 damage on critical hits!  The robes are also enchanted and provide the wearer with a +2 to armor class.

Liaden learns that his father had heard about the Bloodreaver abductions and came upon a party of them in the woods while trapping.  Unfortunately, as he followed them towards their lair, the hunter became the hunted...as another party was trailing the first in the woods!  Try as he might, he could not evade them and was captured...taken to Paldemar, and his life essence was being used to fuel Paldemars plans.

After meeting with Grendar, the party was paid a visit by the Ordinator Arcanis...who informed them that he had made an agreement with their now wayward Hedge Wizard when they had first arrived in Thunderspire to investigate the activities of Paldemar and put a stop to his evil plans.  Ordinator Arcanis awards the party with 950gp and a set of 7th level Bracers of Defense!  These enchanted armbands can be activated to reduce the damage you take from a single attack by 10 as a daily power and are valued at 2600gp.  Each party member also gets 156xp.

Ulthand Deepgem finds Beorn at the Half Moon Inn and thanks him for the return of his beloved pet boar Snuffles!  Beorn receives 175xp and a fine gem worth 100gp for his efforts

After a short discussion, it was decided that they would follow the map to the Pyramid.  Since Tagon had exchanged foul words with Baron Stockmer, he decided that he would forgo this adventure, and Raeya pledged to stay with Tagon. 

Surina and Mezzo, now satisfied that the evil had been vanquished from the Hall, agreed to travel to the Temple of Bahamut and deliver news to Killercod and Minicod of the parties continuing adventure, so that they might join them at Fallcrest.  They bade the party a warm goodbye and vowed to find them again one day.

The party also needs to return to Winterhaven to complete their quest for Lord Padraig.  Upon arrival there the party will receive 1000gp and an additional 156xp each.

The party also needs to return to Baron Stockmer in Riverdown to collect their reward for freeing (almost) all the Riverdown captives.  500gp total and 100xp each.
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#2 Delmar

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Posted 17 May 2009 - 08:21 PM

The gold given to the group (2,450gp total) works out to 612 gp/player.

As far as I can tell there are no class/race limitations to the use of bracers of defense, meaning anyone can use them.

Do we want to roll for them next time we're all together or handle it a different way?
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