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Preview: Assassin Class

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Posted 18 August 2009 - 08:57 PM

link: http://www.critical-...w-the-assassin/

GenCon 4e Preview: The Assassin
Submitted by The Game on Friday, 14 August 2009

A sort of stealth promotion is going here at GenCon from WotC, where if you sign up for D&D Insider (or re-up your subscription) you receive a bound book that contains an 11th level Halfling Assassin (with the Obsidian Stalker paragon path). It also contains an adventure you can use him in, Crown of the Troll King (something of a cross between Crown of the Kobold King and King of Trollhaunt Warrens, I suppose).

The Assassin is a Shadow Striker. His Striker extra damage come from the ?Assassin?s Shroud? at-will power that lets the Assassin, as a free action, subject a target in close burst 10 to his shroud, and if he?s already a target of your shroud, add an additional shroud to it, to a maximum of 4. When you attack that target, you can either expend all your shrouds or it or none, and if you do, you deal 1d6 damage per shroud if you hit, and 1d6 per shroud minus one shroud if you miss. So basically, they can build up on one enemy, and can either keep building up to do one big hit of damage. If you use your shrouds against another target, all other shrouds vanish.

It also appears as though they receive an at-will teleport as a class feature called Shadow Step that requires you to be adjacent to a creature and let you teleport adjacent to a different creature. All their powers are tied to shadows, with a strong preference towards teleporting and insubstantial-causing powers. Their powers sound pretty ugly but what you?d expect for an assassin: the daily power Black Garrote let?s you grab and choke a creature using shadow stuff.

I?ve attached pictures of each of the pages should you wish to take a look for yourself.

?Crown of the Troll King? is a pretty straightforward delve using the new Caves dungeon tile set, and a boat-load of trolls. The final encounter against the Troll King and the ghosts of the adventurers he has killed is pretty cool too. While I think it?s cool that there?s an adventure along with the character, most people are going to be picking up for the Assassin preview. The Assassin looks like a pretty cool class, and honestly, what I expected. It shares some conceptual ground with the Rogue (and the Avenger) with a focus on shadowy stuff and some brutal sounding powers (while the Rogue may slash your legs, the Assassin drowns you in shadow). Looking forward to the full class, especially as I already have a player interested in it.






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