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Continent 44 Strategy

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#1 Wulfbane

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Posted 08 November 2010 - 04:30 PM

With LoU breaking up soon and scrambling for position I think their minds are elsewhere and we should use it to our advantage to start gaining key ground on 44.

Here is a current map of continent 44. The new map site can be accessed here. http://www.lou-map.com/

Posted Image

UU = Blue
LoU = White
LoD = Black
England / HandofBane = Yellow
Others = Red

LoD is obviously not a threat

I think we have the 2 shrines in the south west under control for the most part. The 2 in the south east we need to get some castles around as soon as we can. If anyone is looking to expand to continent 44, this is where we need a prescense at. Since we do not know what enfamous will do yet we can not assume the shrine in the south that he surrounds will be ours. Also some more castles around the shrine in the north with my 1 blue castle beside it would be good. According to the forums only 1 shrine will spawn on a continent at a time, so the more we lock down the better our chances are at placing a palace on them.

Wulf / Lance
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