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Raid Healing Tips

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#1 EvilHealer

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Posted 18 January 2011 - 09:12 AM

Full Health as a Luxury
With this model in mind, getting someone to full health is not necessarily a "bad" thing, just an "inefficient" thing. Healing someone to full is essentially a "luxury", if you can afford it, do it. However, if you're finding that you're running out of mana, or that other people are dying while you're trying to "top off" someone else, then you obviously can't afford this luxury, it's interfering with your primary job of keeping everyone alive. The following priority system is probably a decent starting model:

1) Is anyone below 50? Yes: Step 2, No: Step 5
2) Is one of them the Tank? Yes: Step 3, No: Step 4
3) Heal the Tank back to 50%, make sure they're stable before moving on to Step 4
4) Locate the party member with the lowest health, heal them, back to Step 1
5) No one is below 50%, good. Is your mana comfortable? (somewhat subjective, but I would say above 60%) Yes: Step 6, No: Step 10
6) Top the Tank off, then move on to Step 7
7) How's your mana looking now? Comfortable: Step 8, Uncomfortable: Step 10
8 ) Check Step 1 again, if Yes, follow the procedure. If No then continue with Step 9
9) Begin to top off other members. You can prioritize by various factors, including "most useful DPS", "highest DPS", "myself", this is less important and can differ from group to group. After you're done with this Check Step 1 again, if your answer is No then go to Step 10
10) Do you have any mana CDs available to pop or other methods to gain mana? Use them.
Mana Issues
If you get to Step 10 and find you have no options to get mana back then you're probably healing too much, undergeared, or your group is taking too much damage.

If you're healing too much, that's easy enough to cut back on, it means that you cut out any "topping off" steps in your rotation until your mana is in a more comfortable place. If you're not "topping off" and still having mana issues, then it might be a gear problem. Make sure you have plenty of intellect and spirit for your content level.

Also remember that while Gear Score (average item level) is not an indicator of skill, Blizzard does tune content to have a certain level of stats which can only be found from certain levels of gear which means that it's possible to be undegeared for an encounter. If you're undergeared, there's previous encounters you can do to "gear" yourself for the newer content.
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#2 Grim


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Posted 18 January 2011 - 09:16 PM

Very well said... :D

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