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Xsyon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Posted 16 April 2011 - 06:59 PM

1.) Is Xsyon limited to United States players only?
No. As long as you have internet access, you can play.

2.) Where is the server based?
Chicago, Illinois

3.) Are there any international servers?
Currently, no.

4.) Is Xsyon free to play?
No. There will be an initial fee of $40 and a subscription fee of $15 after the first month.

5.) Is there a beta?
No. There is only an early access for those who have pre-ordered.

6.) What is Prelude?
Prelude is the first chapter of Xsyon. It is a time of discovery, building, and exploration and will continue through summer as the game evolves to include more content and features.

7.) What is the content rating for Xsyon?
Xsyon does not have an official rating, however it is designed for a mature audience.

8.) What are the system requirements?
Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz (or similar) RAM: 2GB Video: 512 MB Video supporting Pixel Shader 2.0 Hard Drive: 10 GB Of course we recommend the best system possible!
9.) Is Xsyon a Windows only game?
Yes. There are no current plans for other platforms.

10.) What type of combat system does Xsyon have?
Combat is twitch based with manual defense with left and right attacks and defense moves (dodging and parrying / blocking). Attack is both targeted and area based to specifically attack the highlighted target and part but also hit any secondary targets within weapon range.

11.) Will there be PvP?
Yes, the game is open PVP with consequences and a sparring / training combat mode. In the early Prelude towns will be safe zones.

12.) Will there be taming/pets?
Yes, you can tame wild animals. There will not be a limit to how many animals you can tame or have as pets.

13.) Will there be mounts and mounted combat? Yes.

14.) Will pets have another role other than for combat
Some pets can be mounted. Other than attacking and following you, pets currently do not provide special skills.

15.) What languages will the client support?

16.) Can I build anywhere or are is it restricted to certain locations?
You can build anywhere, but only tribal areas are currently safe zones.

17.) How do quests work?
Players can create quests for other players to collect resources or hunt creatures for them. There will also be delivery quests and more social quests added as the game evolves.

18.) What is the totem?
Each town has several totems where players can obtain quests, check mail, trade and check on other tribal activities. The totem serves as a focal point for players to check what is going on.

19.) Where can I download the client?
A download page will be available from the site.

20.) I don't have much time to play, will I be able to hope on for a few hours each week and be able to keep up with everyone else?
The game should be have something for all players from the casual to the hardcore.

21.) Will I be required to grind my crafting skills before I am able to build anything useful?
No. You can craft decent items from the start. Quality and durability of crafted items increase with your crafting skill and you can add more items to your arsenal.

22.) What items will I be able to craft?
Armor, weapons, components, tools and buildings.

23.) Will there be a skill cap?
There is a soft skill cap based on your overall skills and grouped skills such as actions, combat and crafting.

24.) How will resource gathering work?
There are several types of gathering from cutting down trees to scavenging the land and sorting found junk.

25.) Will there be instances?

26.) Will I be able to loot?
Yes. There are loot restrictions based on your combat mode and a loot timer in place. Carrying capacity is also limited.

27.) What is the Xsyon size and location?
Xsyon is a scaled down version of the Lake Tahoe Basin on the California / Nevada border. The starting zone is the basin and surrounding mountains.

28.) Can we have more than 1 quartermaster?
Currently no, but we are reworking the tribe mechanics.

29.) Will the tribe system require an official tribe leader?
This is being reworked to allow for different forms of government that can have tribes with shared leadership.

30.) Will their be a hard coded system for voting on matters within a tribe?
This is planned for the near future, yes.

31.) What are the limitations on terraforming?
Players can't terraform hard rock surfaces or near existing trees. Players will be limited to changing terrain within tribal zones in order to not mess up the entire world.

32.) Are player levels visible to other players?

33.) How many skills are there?
Currently 50 total. New skills will be added over time.

34.) Will there be NPC vendors or quest givers?
No. There are currently no NPC characters. The world is entirely player driven.

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