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Easter event

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Posted 21 April 2011 - 07:44 AM

Community Event - Easter Sunday Egg (Basket) Hunt!

Greetings Community,

This Easter Sunday we will be creating an Event for the whole community to take part in.
That is this Sunday the 24th of April, at 12pm PST, the event will last until all of the many baskets have been found (This will take some time).

The Easter bunny has come to Xsyon, But due to the apocalyptic state of the world, the Bunny has decided to leave some strange and useful items in containers to help the new residents of Xsyon, instead of some Yummy Chocolate Eggs.

As the Easter Bunny was placing its last container, a Pack of bears ambushed the Easter Bunny and lets just say this Easter Bunny did not survive

In one of the Containers lies one very special item 'Easter Bunnies Head'

When the Easter Bunny was Ambushed and killed, Its head fell into one of the containers it was placing prior to being ambushed.

If you are the Lucky player who finds this Item in one of the containers, Bring it Back to one of the Guides, at the following location, and exchange it for a pack full of 'goodies!'

Zone 979 / Pos: 1.00 / 650.00.

You may want to talk in the /H channel when you have found it, so that we know you have found it and that you are making your way to us at this location.

So to sum it up:

- From 12pm PST on Easter Sunday, Search for the Containers left by the Easter Bunny. (Every container will hold rare items).
- If you are the lucky one to find the special item(There is only 1!), make your way to the location given.
- The containers will remain in the world until the players have claimed them all.

I will post here, on Easter Sunday Roughly where the containers may be.

for example... I may say a container is located around Zone 740. but that could be any of the other 8 neighbouring zones. (the containers are not supposed to be found quickly).


Containers will not be placed inside any players Tribe area.
Containers may be placed among abandoned containers as to blend in.
Containers may be placed in mountains, among the tree's or even near junkpiles.
Containers will not be placed inside or next to the Mist. (The Easter Bunny, didn't like the mist).

Good luck everyone, and happy hunting.

Have Fun!

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