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Dr. Frasier Krane and the Trinity Healer

A bit of humor

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#1 Nanulak

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Posted 25 June 2012 - 03:40 PM

Note: The names have been changed to protect the old school gaming public

----- 5 minutes into session -----
Dr. Krane – So you fear the gaming industry has forgotten about you, is that correct?
Trinity Healer – Yes. The whole industry seems to moving away from my beloved type of play.
Dr. Krane – How so?
Trinity Healer – I feel they are making me obsolete. They all want to make games where a dedicated healer is not required to enjoy the content. And this just makes me sad.
Dr. Krane – Should people have to rely on you to enjoy the content?
Trinity Healer – No, but they should respect my emotional needs and at least require some of the content to require my services.
Dr. Krane – So how much content should require your services for the game to be enjoyable to you?
Trinity Healer – Well at least 50%. That leaves plenty for other content to enjoy without me.
Dr. Krane – So the other 50% that requires your services can only be played when you feel like playing?
Trinity Healer – Well, kinda, but if the game was made correctly my friends could only log in when I am available to play that content. They have alts they can play until I’m ready.

----- 20 minutes later and still discussing the selfish beliefs -----
Dr. Krane – So in these new games you mention, everyone can enjoy 100% of the content without your services and this is why you do not want to play?
Trinity Healer – Correct. They have no need for me and I’m left alone. There should be people all around me all of the time and someone who requires my services.
Dr. Krane – So the game does not allow you to play alone?
Trinity Healer – Well, No. I can play solo but that is not why I chose to play an MMO.
Dr. Krane – So you chose to play an MMO so people would want you or need you?
Trinity Healer – I guess so. Yes
Dr Krane – So this helps your self-esteem and makes you want to log-in and play just to feel better?
Trinity Healer – You got it!

----- last 5 minutes of session -----
Dr. Krane – So to summarize this session, you want reassurance that the gaming industry understands your need to be wanted and that they should continue making Trinity based games for people like you? Does this sum it up for you?
Trinity Healer – Jeepers, you are good. That’s my main concern. I know you would understand. Next time we can talk about those new games taking out Auto-Follow.
Dr. Krane – Well that will be $250, just pay the receptionist, she plays a Trinity Tank and she feels your pain.
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#2 Dagnus

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Posted 08 July 2012 - 05:11 PM

haha gw2 has no follow? haha nanu won't like that thats for sure:)
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