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5.0.1 wd/s

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#1 Idra

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 07:33 AM

Chapter 5.0.1 wd/s

Wardens have been remade as of last patch receiving lots of buffs in the dps department thought i would share a few things :D

Attacking skills
- Charged chop- currently strongest single target spam able attack skill
- Power of the Wood Spirit – Spam able attack that hits 3 targets at once
- Frantic Briar – Instant aoe with 12 sec cd

Ranged Attacks
- Anti-Magic Arrow (elite) – Long range attack that has chance to restore mana
- Shot (secondary)- basic ranged attack
- Vampire Arrows (secondary) – ranged attack with bleed
- Cross Chop – Ranged line aoe
- Thorny Vine – Standard Dot ability

Defensive Skills
- Elven Amulet – Reduces physical damage by 20% for 10 secs (70 sec cd)
- Heart of the Oak – allows you to absorb the next 2 sources of damage within the next 60secs (60sec cd)
- Damage Transfer – 30% damage you take is swapped to your pet for 30 secs (3min cd)
- Sacrifice –Restores 50% of your hp and mana however makes pet unable to do anything for 30 secs (3min cd)

Short Duration Buffs
- Energy Absorb- increases your pdamage by 10% and lowers enemy Pdamage by 10% (5min cd)
- Savage Power- Increases Physical attack by 15% for 30 secs (1min 30 sec cd)
- Morale Boost (elite) –ability that increases Pdamage and Mdamage of party for 30 secs (1min 30 sec cd)
- Power of the Oak – increases weapon damage by 15% for 30 secs (1min 30 sec cd)
- Explosion of Power- increases pet attack by 55% for 30 secs (1min 30 sec cd)
- Elven Guidance – restores mana for each time your pet hits target for 15 secs (1min 30 sec cd)

Long Duration Buffs
- Briar Shield- Reflects 5% of your Pattack as damage to people who hit you and increases pdef
- Protection of Nature- Increases hp by 5% and received healing by 15%
Passive Skills
- Enhanced Accuracy – Passive accuracy buff
- Two-Hand Weapon Mastery – increases weapon damage by 50%
- Secret Agreement (elite) – passive that increases weapon damage (20%) and Chiron’s damage (40%)
- Beast Tamer (elite) – Passive skill that increases pet’s crit rate and dodge
- Natural Lifeline – passively increases pet hp, as well as your str and stam by %
- Speed Shooting Mastery (secondary) – increases speed of ranged weapons
- Swiftness (secondary)- increases dex

Crowd Control Skills
- Movement Restriction – roots enemies for ten secs and damages (30sec cd)
- Banish – makes target immune to all damage and unable to attack for 20 secs (1min cd)
Pet Skills
- Centaur's Arrow (elite) – Chiron’s standard attack
- Valiant Shot (elite) – Chiron’s second attack and strongest attack when increases Chiron’s and your attack power by 8%
- Sepal stab- Oak Walker main attack
- Crystalline Protection- Nature crystal party buff that gives a 10% hp shield every 15 secs
- Crystalline Acceleration- Nature crystal party buff that gives a 5% attack and casting speed every 15 secs
- Recall Pet – unsummon your pet
- Elven Prayer – Instant heal spell for you pet
- Joint Blow (secondary)– attack using focus and slow
- Throat Attack (secondary)- spell casting interrupt skill
- Wrist Attack (secondary) – lowers enemy damage by 30%
Item Set skills
- Pet Master- halves pet summoning time by 50% a must have skill from HoS
- Tranquil Wave – lowers aggro generated by 5% next to item set skill person in varanas
- Animal Spirit Eclipse- Attack which when activated either increases attack speed by 5% for 10 secs or extra 50% main hand weapon dps
- Companion- raises pet def by 10% and heals pet every 25 secs when you attack
- Binding Contract- upgraded form of pet master from ToSH
Pets passive buffs
Summon Spirit of the Oak- While in effect, it will increase your physical defense and parry rate by 20%.
Summon Nature Crystal- When the Nature Crystal is present, your movement speed will be increased by 7% and you can order the Nature Crystal to cast Crystalline Protection and Crystalline Acceleration to assist your party members. (both can be active at once)
Summon Oak Walker- While in effect, it will increase your critical physical hit rate by 200, critical physical damage by 10%, critical magical hit rate by 200 and critical magical damage by 10%. If your skill attacks land a critical hit during the effect time, the Oak Walker will additionally cast Sepal Stab on your target.
Summon Chiron (elite)- Wd/s unique ranged dps pet
Potions, Foods and Instruments you need
Long duration
- Grassland mix (mem vendor)- increase hp
- Roast Wolf Leg (mem vendor)- increase pdamage
- Hero Potion (alchemy)- increase all attributes by 20%
- Roast leg of lamb (mem vendor)- increases Pattack when u haven’t met Pattack soft cap
- Vegetable sandwich (mem vendor)- increases Def when it’s better to have more def then hp
- Scarlet love (house keeper)- increases pdef
- Unbridled enthusiasm (house keeper)- increase movement speed
- House keeper Physical attack buff (at 100 skill)
# Note: grassland and vegetable sandwich cannot be active together at same time
# Note: Roast wolf leg and Roast leg of lamb cannot be active together at same time
Short Duration
- Caviar Sandwich (house keeper or cooking)- increases crit rate and crit damage
- Strong Stimulants (alchemy)- increases attack speed
- Potion of Annihilation (mem vendor)- increases crit rate
- Tranquillity Powder (alchemy)- decreases aggro generated
- Lute - increases attack speed
- Tamborine – increases pdamage
When Attacking things
Have all long duration buffs (including item set skills), food, potions and pet buffs active.
# Note: pet passive buffs remain active even after summoning a new one until death so can have all 3 pet buffs active at once so cycle through all pet summons at least once after each death ( not sure if this is intentional or a bug)
Full Cooldown Buff sequence when attacking bosses
Takes about 10 secs total for cd sequence
1. Heart of the Oak
2. Lute or tambourine
3. Caviar Sandwich
4. Elven guidance
5. Explosion of power
6. Morale Boost
7. Savage Power
8. Power of the oak (this may cause instrument to bug)
9. Strong Stimulants
10. Potion of annihilation
11. Tranquillity Powder
12. Energy absorb
Some skills/potions such as numbers 1, 4, 5, 11 can be saved for during fight if required
Attack Rotation
With 5.0.1 is now:
Animal spirit Eclipse for (attack speed boost) then Charged Chop spam...

While healing your pet with elven prayer and making sure it doesn’t do anything bad like stealing aggro from tank, refusing to attack etc

However in longer fights its best to do:

Charged Chop, Animal spirit Eclipse, Charged Chop, Untameable, Charged Chop, Joint Blow etc

This is take advantage of the no gcd on using charged chop letting you do 2 attacks within 1.62 secs (fastest i have pulled this off).

Will only be more advantageous in longer boss fights that dont die quickly otherwise spamming charged chop will do more damage short term

When mob clearing
When hitting multiple targets use frantic briar followed by power of the wood spirit and crowd control skills.
Most cooldown buffs are only 1min 30sec cd so use them when attempting hard mob pulls as well as defensive buffs to survive.
Chiron the centaur- primary pet for general use
Nature Crystal- use if party will be taking lots of aoe damage or boss mechanics do not allow the use of Chiron (should use the stop command when in use, since abilities is now an aoe around the player now instead of pet)
Oak Walker- use against bosses where you crit almost 90% of the time (should do more dps then Chiron)
Pet commands
Stop stance- makes pet stay in spot and takes no actions unless commanded manually
Follow stance- pet follows player
Attack- forces pet to move closer to target into melee range while casting abilities (if target in certain radius of pet)
Pet ability- will stop pet and cast ability only if in range of target (auto casting will make pet continue to cast while in range)
#Note: pet stances will reset to follow once leaving or entering combat
#Note: Pets do some crazy stuff if you don’t leave combat between mob pulls
Recall pet is your friend: D
Pet attack power and hp
- Pet attack power and hp is directly related to your physical attack and hp at time of summoning and lasts until pet death. Therefore use your savage blessing and physical attack food and all potions and buffs before summoning
Stats, Gear and Runes.

Optimal stats are:
- str/pa x3 and stam/pa x3
or if u are lacking gold or hp
- str/hp x2 str/pa x2 stam/pa x2
Gear: prioritise gear that has Pattack as well as crit or lots of Physical attack (for your pets) followed by str, stam and dex from both chain and leather pieces (chain before leather for extra pdef).
- Main hand must be a 2h sword or axe with highest dps preferable (not pdamage)
- Bow/cross bow for instances should be highest dps possible with green str or pattack (no crit) stats while off hand statted. PvP highest dps possible and tiered
- Fatal, Wrath, Reconciliation and Aggression for weapons
- Aggression, Might, Block and Potential for armour and accessories

For current end game instance you will want to aim to get to 70k Hit points 70k physical attack and 70% crit rate all unbuffed (3x 70s :P)

Mana Problems
Potential Xs will supply all your mana needs (with phrius potions) or the item set skill Elemental spirit stone essence from dalanis will help you
This addon will display your pe’s damage now just waiting for one that will display pet aggro...


useful macro to swap set skills with one click ie Tranquil wave and Companion

/script JOBINDEX=7 SKILLINDEX=3 SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick () ;
/wait 1
/cast Tranquil Wave
/script JOBINDEX=9 SKILLINDEX=2 SkillSuitFrame_GetSkill_OnClick ()

first number is tab your desired is set skill in (from top to bottom) and second is number the set skill is in the tab (from top to bottom as well)

Wardens have lots of interesting skill combinations which can be discovered when mucking about so go kill things :D

or will maybe type up some later :P

Edited by Idra, 09 August 2012 - 06:01 PM.

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#2 Charionys

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Posted 19 July 2012 - 09:28 AM

Thanks for posting idra!
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Runes of Magic - Reni ( PvE )

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#3 Idra

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Posted 22 July 2012 - 01:18 AM

added a useful macro
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#4 Charionys

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Posted 22 July 2012 - 01:35 AM

Im sure wardens will use it thank you!

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Runes of Magic - Reni ( PvE )

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#5 Idra

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 02:12 AM

changed buff rotation slightly and nature crystal pet
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#6 Idra

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 02:17 AM

added a goal for 'end game gear' stats
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#7 Charionys

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Posted 23 July 2012 - 04:21 AM

Thanks idra! Thats realy useful!
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Runes of Magic - Reni ( PvE )

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#8 Idra

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 06:01 PM

edited my attack rotation
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