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First COTP Clan only battle last night 8 Aug

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Posted 09 August 2012 - 04:18 PM

Last night we had our first battle filled with our own people on Mumble. It was most refreshing. Skjoldr tried his hand at Company Commander and did quite well.

It was fun seeing how everyone set up their Mechs and worked together. It was much fun had by all.

Most of the people only had a couple of Mechs built and we didn't try to set up the company correctly, we just grabbed whatever people wanted to play and had a ball. Obviously when it starts to matter we'll put more thought into Company creation, but for right now, I was happier to see people just screwing around together.

It was a start to what I hope to start seeing nightly. I can't WAIT till we have a Clan built and a purpose to work towards, but just killing next to friends right now is a blast!

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