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The Original

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#1 Mifio

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 05:52 PM

This a story I am currently working on, it doesn't take place in any game, rather it takes place during the present.

Anyway I hope you like it, if I get the time and good feedback i'll continue to post.

'The original is always better then the copy,' funny how a statement like that can have so much meaning. It can mean copies from papers online, or copies of real people. It is true however, that the original is not always better than the copy. In fact, most of the time the original is a lot weaker than the copy. Its strange to think about. Unfortunately, life is strange. It has quirks. Like meeting someone on a plane that you haven't seen in years. Or nearly dying so much that you almost don't care anymore.
  I know this may seem hard to believe. I'm afraid you'll think I'm crazy... What if I am? I mean, what if this is some kind of sick twisted deluded nightmare? Maybe this is all in my mind? But then again, it can't be... I've felt pain, I've felt the fatigue.. No. This is real.

  As i was saying. There is a copy of me, out there, trying to find me and kill me. And I'm writing this, in hopes that, If I die. Someone will know that magic exists. Not the good kind like in Harry potter either. The kind that is dangerous, the only kind. the demonic kind. And people will know that, this may happen again. Maybe on a larger scale.

  Thats what I'm up against right now. Sadly, I can't seem to beat it. That... Thing, has me at every turn. All I've been able to do is run. If I turn and fight, I will die. If I try to tell someone else. They die. If I even so much as frickin' BREATH. Someone close to me will die, or I will myself. So, even now as I write this. I could be signing my own death wish. My last breath of defiance.
  Now, the thing I'm up against... Its hard to say. Its, a demonic copy of myself. And I can't stop it.
  Well, maybe I should start at the beginning... Then again, I have no idea when this started. Am I the first one up against myself? Has there been other people? if so, maybe there is hope, maybe one of them found a way to stay alive. Maybe, just maybe, I can win. All I know is that I'm safe here. At least, I am for the moment.

  I guess I should start from my beginning. It may seem clich?d. But it did start on a dark night. After midnight.

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