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Important Announcement!

Tree of Life chapter started - buy the game on sale and join us for some fun times!

Tree of Life game on sale on Steam

Dark and Light chapter established....death ensues


Roll call

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Posted 03 June 2017 - 09:34 AM

Hey guys. I seem to be the only guy that is still playing the game. I have been playing for 6 months now and have a good dps toon named Magic Spexs. I have been having lots of fun with Shroud. I hang out in Deep Ravenwood getting that exp pool built up.

You guys are more than welcome to come and join me. Spryone this means you too!

We have also been in the Rise exploring. I am still wanting to go to the bottom and visit something big! I want that Dragon to learn our names and understand that we as a team will own him/her!

Hope to see you all in the game!

Magic Spexs


I have been playing a lot more lately.  I sent you a friends invite.

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