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  • Added on: Jul 15 2012 09:24 PM
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GW2 Warrior Guide

Posted by Elric on Jul 15 2012 09:24 PM

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Warrior Guide

Focus: Frontline Melee DPS / Defense. Limited Ranged ability.
Armor Type: Heavy
Mechanic: Adrenaline
  • 3 levels of Adrenaline, 1 gained with each attack
  • Passive damage increase with each level of Adrenaline
  • Each level of Adrenaline increases the damage / effect of their burst skill.

Strength focuses on dodging, physical utility skills and brute force.
Per point: Power +10, Condition Duration +1%

Arms focuses on critical hits and use of bleeding as source of damage.
Per point: Precision +10, Condition Damage +10

Defense favors enduring/healing damage.
Per point: Toughness +10, Healing Power +10.

Tactics favors revival of allies and supporting them with banners, shouts and the warhorn.
Per Point: Vitality +10, Boon Duration +1%

Discipline focuses on improving adrenaline gain and switching weapons in combat.
Per Point: Critical Damage +1%, Burst Damage +1%

(source: GW2 Wiki)

Profession Specials:
  • Weapons Specialist: Can equip more weapon types than any other Profession.
  • Banners: AOE buff abilities for your group, can be moved as needed.
  • Stances: Self-buffs that give bonuses to the Warrior
Elric's Opinion on the "Warrior":

Overall the Warrior is definitely focused more on offense than defense. Where the Guardian has a high number of shields, heals, etc. that are more defensive in nature, the warrior excels at melee DPS and CC. It is also very important to note that the Warrior has a strong ranged component with the ability to use bows and rifles, where as the Guardian has very limited ranged ability. Granted the Warriors ranged attack is not going to be as strong as a Ranger... Nonetheless, the ranged warrior can still put out some good damage if they can't get "up close and personal" with your target. The Rifle is more geared towards Single Target DPS, while the Bow emphasizes AOE DPS.

While there are obviously a large variety of specs and playing styles within the Warrior profession, the most successful specs in my opinion tend to focus on balanced DPS and CC. Being a "soldier" class in GW2, the Warrior has a higher HP and AC compared to other melee professions like the Thief. Because of this, the Warrior can put out a lot of DPS while "tanking" so-to-speak... In general, they can be extremely difficult to kill. I've seen many videos of gameplay where the warrior will be beating an enemy into the ground while the opponent does their best to run away (and fails). One of the skill types built into many of the Warrior's weapons/trees is CC - such as slow or root abilities. For caster professions with low resists to physical damage, a Warrior can be devastating. A combination of crippling blows, bleeds, and single high-damage blows makes the Warrior very successful at "chasing the mouse"... and killing it. ;)

  • High Survivability
  • Strong CC
  • Srong Melee DPS
  • Ranged DPS ability (average DPS)
  • Variety of group support options ("Tactics")
  • Requires a lot of research for effective ability combinations
  • Limited ability to hit targets at other elevations (Melee focused)
  • Fewer options for AOE damage vs. other professions
Most Effective Weapons:
DPS: Greatsword / Hammer
Defense: Mace & Shield

More information can be found at: http://wiki.guildwar...om/wiki/Warrior

Disclaimer: This guide is written based on my personal experience during GW2 Beta Weekend Events. The information may change at launch. Comments on this guide are simply my opinion.

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