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  • Added on: Jul 28 2012 12:23 AM
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GW2 Mesmer Guide

Posted by Elric on Jul 28 2012 12:23 AM

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Mesmer Guide

Focus: Support DPS
Armor Type: Light
Mechanic: Illusions
  • Max of 3 illusions allowed per Mesmer at any given time
  • 2 types of illusions - Clones (low power distractions) and Phantasms (higher power utility)
  • Mesmers can shatter their illusions using one of the following 4 skills
  • 1. Mind Wrack - Destroys your illusions and does damage to opponents near them
  • 2. Cry of Frustration - Destroys your illusions and gives the confused condition to nearby foes.
  • 3. Diversion - Destroys your illusions and stuns nearby foes.
  • 4. Reflection - Destroys your illusions and places a barrier around the mesmer, which reflects enemy projectiles.


Domination is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on interrupting enemies and rendering them vulnerable.
Per point: Power +10, Condition Duration +1%

Dueling is a mesmer trait line that focuses on avoiding damage by enhancing dodging and blocking skills and favors use of mantras.
Per point: Precision +10, Critical Damage +1%

Chaos is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on improving toughness, conditions and retaliation.
Per point: Toughness +10, Boon Duration +1%

Inspiration is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses on improving phantasms and healing.
Per Point: Vitality +10, Healing Power +10

Illusions is a trait line for the mesmer that focuses solely on improving shattering and illusions.
Per Point: Condition Damage +10, Shredding Recharge Rate +1%

(source: GW2 Wiki)

Profession Specials:
  • Confusion: A condition inflicted by a number of skills on enemies. This causes the enemy to take damage each time they use a skill.
  • Mantras: These are two-step skills that can be readied (step 1) and then used as an instant-cast ability (step 2). Mantras can be used simultaneously while channeling another spell.

Elric's Opinion on the "Mesmer" in Guild Wars 2:

The Mesmer is a profession that caters to players who enjoy confounding their enemies. While a Mesmer generally does not have the damage output of an Elementalist or Ranger, they more than make up for it with their support and utility skills / spells. The main function (as seen by a number of their weapon skills) is to create illusions to distract their enemies, apply conditions to enemies, and remove conditions from allies. Weapon types such as the Greatsword do lean towards straight DPS, but generally most Mesmer players will focus on weapons like the Staff that provide the most benefit to their allies (and themselves). A skilled Mesmer can continuously create illusions to keep the enemy "chasing ghosts" while wreaking havoc on their health (via damage) and combat effectiveness (via conditions). Some Mesmer builds even focus on taking damage and increasing your own survivability. In WvW or sPvP, I've seen Mesmers hold a position against 3 or 4 other players using misdirection and confusion. Given that the Mesmer only wears light armor, "tanking" is not something you would expect when facing a Mesmer.

To top it off, when their opponents were bogged down with conditions and their allies cranked up with boons from the Mesmer - they can even switch to Greatsword or a Pistol combination to pick off their enemies. To add even more effectiveness at finishing off their enemies, a Mesmer can hold on to charged "Mantra" skills to unleash all at once on their unsuspecting foes. Always take care near a Mesmer who is near death, as they more than likely have a few emergency tricks up their sleeve.

"Utility" is definitely the name of the game for Mesmers. Their skills include a number of different illusion types, stuns, group stealth, and shields. There is even a skill that allows the Mesmer to create portals to transport themselves and/or their allies in and out of a battle. Not only can they inflict negative conditions on their allies, but they can also remove beneficial boons from enemies. Considering how powerful such an ability could be (such as stripping shields or damage boons from an enemy), a downside was built into several of the Mesmer's skills. Moreso than most other professions that I have played, the Mesmer depends on getting lucky with "random" boons/conditions. For example, one of the Mesmer's most powerful skills is called "Chaos Storm". This skill tooltip reads "Create a magical storm at the target location that applies random conditions to enemies and random boons to allies.". These random effects on enemies can either be Poison, Weakness,
Chilled, or Fear - and you have absolutely no control over which one will pop up. Thus, these conditions are not something you depend on to turn the tide of battle when you are looking for something specific. However, they can be especially devastating when used against a group of enemies (given that each enemy is affected by the random conditions) - since you are using one skill to accomplish a number of different possibilities. On the bright side the random effect can also help you with confounding your enemy... You may not know what effect will randomly land on them in the Chaos Storm, but neither will they. Unlike other professions where your enemy will likely know your skill options, the random effect makes it that much more difficult to guess what will happen when they get near you.

  • Extremely effective against groups
  • Strong survivability despite wearing Light Armor
  • "Charged" Mantra skills can be unleashed without warning, even simultaneously with other skills
  • Less predictable than most professions
  • Low to Medium DPS
  • Random component of skills
  • Dependent on DPS group members in PvP / WvW

Most effective Weapons:
- DPS: Greatsword or Sword/Pistol
- Support: Staff

More information can be found at http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mesmer

Disclaimer: This guide is written based on my personal experience during GW2 Beta Weekend Events. The information may change at launch. Comments on this guide are simply my opinion.

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