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  • Added on: Aug 10 2012 12:50 AM
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GW2 Engineer Guide

Posted by Elric on Aug 10 2012 12:50 AM

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Engineer Guide

Focus: DPS / Support
Armor Type: Medium
Mechanic: Tool Belt
  • Adds additional skills in F1-F4 based upon your equipped utility / healing skill
  • Example: Allows for tossing elixirs to nearby allies
  • Example: Detonates your current turret (allowing to place a new turret after cooldown)


Explosives focuses on use of explosives, especially when using Bomb Kit, Grenade Kit, and Throw Mine.
Per point: Power +10, Condition Duration +1%

Firearms focuses on use of pistols, rifles and the flamethrower.
Per point: Precision +10, Condition Damage +10

Inventions focuses on improving turrets and defensive tactics.
Per point: Toughness +10, Healing Power +10.

Alchemy focuses on use of elixirs and manipulating of conditions.
Per Point: Vitality +10, Boon Duration +1%

Tools focuses on use of utility kits and endurance
Per Point: Critical Damage +1%, Tool Belt Recharge Rate +1%

(source: GW2 Wiki)

Profession Specials:
  • Weapon/Device Kits: These unique "kits" replace your weapon skills with new skills matching the kit type
  • Turrets: Places a non-movable turret for damage and control purposes (depending on the turret)
  • Elixirs: Provides the user with a buff / heal that has a random effect based on the elixir used. Can be thrown to affect allies.

Elric's Opinion on the "Engineer":

To be honest, Engineer was probably one of the last professions I planned on playing in GW2. It just didn't appeal to me at first glance, especially considering the fact that they have the lowest number of equipable weapons of all professions. Once I started playing the Engineer though, I was very pleasantly surprised! What most people miss when looking at the Engineer is that it has a number of different "kits" that change the weapon skills based upon the kit being used. For example, you can equip a "Bomb Kit" utility skill, and once used it converts your 1-5 weapon skills with various bomb skills. Overall there appear to be 7 different kits that you can equip on your Engineer. The best part is that all of these skills are completely unique to the Engineer; no other profession in the game has similar options. It almost functions like having more than one "switch weapon" command, since you can equip a number of different kits at once. Note that these kits can be used regardless of what weapons your character actually has equipped at the time.

Other than the kit skills, the next most interesting aspect of the Engineer are "Turrets". Essentially these skills allow the Engineer to place immobile turrets (similar to a pet) that automatically fire on enemies or allies depending on what type of turret is used. For example, the first turret that most people choose is the "Rifle Turret", which automatically fires at any enemy targets within the turret's range. These are especially useful for doing damage or CC when you don't want to be "up close and personal" with the enemy. You can drop turrets in hot spot areas and run out, or leave them behind you as you try to escape a larger enemy force. Along the lines of utility, the Engineer also has Elixirs for buffs / heals on your character. Note that using your tool kit skills you can throw Elixirs to allied players - so the result is applied to them instead of you.

Long story short: the Engineer has quite a few tricks up their sleeve; which makes the profession very interesting to play. Despite having the lowest number of equipable weapon types, the Engineer is actually one of the most versatile and complex professions in GW2.

  • Large variety of weapon skills / kits
  • Can fulfill a number of different DPS or CC roles
  • Can create allied NPC's (Turrets) that do not need to be controlled like a normal pet
  • Ranged DPS ability (average DPS)
  • Variety of group support options ("Tactics")
  • Lowest number of equipable weapons, which makes it harder to find upgrades
  • Takes longer than other professions to "ramp up" to their most effective skills
  • Kits are fun and useful, but they do require being equipped to be used (taking up valuable utility skill slots)

Most Effective Weapons:
DPS: Bomb (kit)
Defense: Pistol / Shield

More information can be found at: http://wiki.guildwar...m/wiki/Engineer

Disclaimer: This guide is written based on my personal experience during GW2 Beta Weekend Events. The information may change at launch. Comments on this guide are simply my opinion.

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