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  • Added on: Mar 14 2011 05:14 PM
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Rift: Scarlet Gorge - Ancient Wardstones Locations

Rift: Planes of Telara - Ancient Wardstones Locations for Scarlet Gorge

Posted by Mirathel on Mar 14 2011 05:14 PM

Here are the locations of the 8 ancient wardstones i have found so far in Scarlet Gorge:

Frayworn Rock: 4368, 4339
Broken Toe (2 quests here and a mechanical NPC named Claptrap..borderlands anyone? ): 4024,3626
Stonecrest: 4058, 3191
Granitedust Gulch: 4181, 3212
Riverfell: 3854, 2836
Ironroot Draw: 4768, 4248
Thunderwork Ridge: 4622, 3845
Darkfire Grove: 4756, 3667

* Keep in mind this is a first iteration of a new type of content, so be aware that it will evolve and improve over time. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we try to turn the awesome up to eleven.

* Intended to act as a form of player-driven content that bridges the gap between Rifts/Invasions and Quests; to that end, we present 'Ancient Wardstones!' *fanfare*

* On entering Scarlet Gorge, a new quest is being offered. Defiants should seek out Mariko Bella at Old Mule Run, and Guardians find Paula Becksten at Overwatch. This quest provides the ability 'Activate Ancient Wardstone' and shows you what these new objects look like. The next step is to go exploring and find them!

* Once you discover an Ancient Wardstone, use your new ability to start an event. This might be one of several things. They're a bit of a surprise and award experience and Rift currency.

* Completing these events allow the Ancient Wardstone locations to upgrade. Standard quests are daily repeatable, while area quests reset every 10 minutes while the Wardstone is active. Rewards for the first quest completion are naturally higher than subsequent turn-ins.

* Beware! Not only do these Ancient Wardstone locations become Invasion targets, they can also be destroyed by members of the other faction. Guard them with care. For the more adventurous - you can activate Ancient Wardstones in areas of zones controlled by opposing factions. Any Ancient Wardstone location can be activated for either Guardians or Defiants.

* Yes, some of the content in opposing areas is PvP oriented, but not all.

* But wait, there's more:

* Deep in Scarlet Gorge, a horrible beast of the Planes has slept for millennia. Behold - Urthura, 'The Dweller Below.' If a single faction controls all Ancient Wardstones in Scarlet Gorge, the sweet smell of power awakens Urthura from her slumber, causing her to rampage across the Gorge, intent on destroying everything in her path. Where she spawns depends on which faction activated the wardstones that summoned her. Once spawned, she can be claimed by either faction, so get that raid together quick!

* Fortunately for the residents of Scarlet Gorge, Urthura tires easily, and can only awaken once per 20 hour period.

I have been messing around alot this morning with this feature and have found 3 of these wardstones in Scarlet Gorge. If found you can activate them (by using the ability given after completing the initial quest in Old Mule Run) once activated, an npc arrives with a quest. When this quest is completed you recieve a blue item rift currency and XP. I have done 4 quests (2 of which were from the same wardstone) and its an easy way to get blue gear from the planar vendors.
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