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Pathfinder Online: Deities and Domain Selections Guide

Posted by Cheatle on Feb 23 2015 02:29 PM
This Guide is brought to you by The Empyrean Order, a Sponsored Company of Brighthaven. For more information on The Empyrean Order, you can message me here, or on Paizo forums. Currently we are located in the South East of the in game map, around the Brighthaven and Keeper's Pass areas.

If you are interested in talking in voice, getting some pointers, asking questions, need some advice, or just somewhere to hangout and play, come stop by our Mumble:

Port: 64738

Scroll down to Pathfinder Online and join a Public Channel

Deities and Domain Selections - Gives information on Roleplaying a Deities portfolio, as well as alignment of deities, their domains, and favored weapons.
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