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  • Added on: Jan 26 2011 12:50 AM
  • Date Updated: Jan 26 2011 04:49 PM
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LiveStream Procaster

A brief look at LiveStream's Pro Caster

Posted by Tagon on Jan 26 2011 12:50 AM

<img src="http://www.brainspar...-ProCaster.jpg" alt="" height="423" width="313"><br><br>LiveStream has streaming Software called <a href="http://www.livestrea...form/procaster" target="_blank">Procaster</a>. This little piece of software makes streaming anything on your computer easy and hassle free. They have both Windows and Mac versions of the program so both major platforms can benefit for the service. Another great feature of LiveStream is the ability to allow others to broadcast on your channel and make it a community channel. After playing with the service for awhile I created a channel for <a href="http://covenantofthephoenix.com" target="_blank">CotP</a> and started getting people to broadcast with me. Although the software is simple I thought I would share with my guild and others some tips for making the best of LiveStream and Procaster.<br><p><br>
<img title="Channel Selection" src="http://www.brainspar...-Selection.jpg" alt="" height="128" width="240"><br><br>First thing you have to do is pick you channel, now if you are doing your own channel you will have two selections the channel you made and one called Preview only, now I have no idea what Preview Only does as I have never used it. If you are one of the members of the CotP production team you will see two other CotP which is the main channel for the guild, cotptest is a test channel I created for you to practice broadcasting on before broadcasting to the general public. Pick the channel you want and move on to camera selection.<br><br><br>
<img src="http://www.brainspar...Camera-Tab.jpg" alt="" height="154" width="333"><br><br>This is were you pick if you want to show your face as well as what you are broadcasting, I have seen people who use this and it looks good. I however do you use this I always select no camera.<br><br>
Next is quality here you can select at what quality you want to broadcast at. I have a cable connects with a 3 MB &amp;nbsp;up stream and do not have any issues with HD quality and would suggest you try it and see how it affects your game play before moving the quality down.<br><br>Next two the quality drop down you see two buttons the first looks like a monitor icon the other a game controller. If the monitor is selected you will broadcast your computer screen, if the game controller is selected it broadcast just you game. Is works great if you need to switch to to other screens that you don't want to stream to the world, your choice but I always pick to stream only my game.<br><br><br>
<img src="http://www.brainspar...-Audio-Tab.jpg" alt="" height="235" width="311"><br><br>After you click preference; you get a new window with a few tabs: LIVESTREAM, VIDEO, AUDIO, DESKTOP, GAME, &amp;nbsp;and HOTKEYS<br><br>
I personally never mess with LIVESTREAM or VIDEO, the first is mainly broadcasting and the second is set by the quality drop down on the main page.<br><br>
Now the AUDIO page is a bit different I have found that when I do have lag issue if I adjust the bitrate, sample rate and channels I can greatly decrease this, although I have not had a lot of issues when I do these are the first settings I change. Also of note on this page is this is the page you goto if you need to adjust your audio mix, which I will get to after I take about the DESKTOP and GAME tabs.<br><br><br>
<img title="Pref Desktop-Tab" src="http://www.brainspar...esktop-Tab.jpg" alt="" height="236" width="308"><br><br>I don't do much on this page except to make sure show mouse and show preview is not selected. I don't personally like the ugly yellow dot that the program puts on the screen to show where your mouse is and when you click. I has have found the whole process runs a lot better when I turn off Show Preview. You may be able to keep this on if your computer is good enough to handle it, try it and see what you think.<br><br><br>
<img title="Pref-Game Tab" src="http://www.brainspar...f-Game-Tab.jpg" alt="" height="236" width="308"><br><br>ProCaster has an option to place a small overall on the game so you can see some broadcast stats as well as the most recent chat messages. You can adjust where on your screen this appears. I have yet to find a place I like and have since turned it off you can of course place it where you think it would be best.<br><br>
Now when looking for a site to stream on I was running into the issue of how to have the viewer not only hear the game but me as well. ProCaster has it covered back on the audio tab you will see a small button called audio mixer when you click it you will see a basic yet fully customizable audio mixer<br><br><br>
<img title="Audio Mixer" src="http://www.brainspar...udio-Mixer.jpg" alt="" height="179" width="402"><br><br>With this screen you can adjust how loud each of the channels are so can affect how easy it is to hear you and how loud the game sounds are. This is a good point to mention that in order to broadcast your game sounds ProCaster will broadcast any sounds that come out your speakers even for example Vent. You can handle this a couple ways, if you have USB headphones this is easy make sure that Vent is sent to USB speakers and the game is sent to your sound card. Then just make sure the USB speakers are not in the mixer list. If this is not possible just let those in Vent know you are about to make them Internet famous because you are broadcasting. Or do what I do and put it in your Vent comment. This way when someone in Vent tells you that their baby just had a major blow out and they need to go change him/her you can chuckle to yourself knowing that the internet just heard the whole thing.<br><br>Once all your settings are set hit save and you are back at the main window on the main window you have a few other tabs chat is your access to the channel chat room when broadcasting. If you can&amp;nbsp;respond&amp;nbsp;to people in chat as you play, if you are like me and don't&amp;nbsp;like&amp;nbsp;stopping to type answer questions vocally and that way people who watch it later and not live can get the answers as well, just make sure to rephrase the question in the answer.<br></p><p><br>
<img title="Promote Tab" src="http://www.brainspar...romote-Tab.jpg" alt="" height="466" width="342"><br><br>Next is the promote tab which allows you to let <a href="http://twitter.com/cotpguild" target="_blank">Twitter</a> know you are broadcasting. If you are not sure what the link to your channel is you can get it on the player tab</p>On thing I would suggest is do what you can get your game noticed. When I announce I am broadcasting I use Hashtags to make it easier for people to find out I am broadcasting, for example:<br><br><a href="http://twitter.com/C...09770705805312" target="_blank">Going live with #PotBS in just a few minutes </a><a href="http://www.livestream.com/cotp" class="bbc_url" title="External link" rel="nofollow external">http://www.livestrea...am.com/cotp</a> ^DS #CotP<br><br>If you are broadcasting for a group I do suggest you hashtag and @ them in the message so the group knows and can retweet it for you on the group twitter page.<br><br>
As always we are looking for people to broadcast game content, if you are interested then please contact Tagon<br>

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