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  • Added on: Mar 22 2011 08:53 PM
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Rift Saga of the Endless Quest

by Imm0rtal

Posted by Elric on Mar 22 2011 08:53 PM
Saga of the Endless
Author = Imm0rtal

I've been running the Saga of the Endless quest chain and I thought I'd write a guide since it is a really difficult and time consuming quest if you don't know where to go. I feel vindicated in the fact that I was the first on the shard to get this far, so it's all worth it Posted Image src="http://www.covenanto...lt/smile3.gif">

First I want to preface this with the fact that this plot is really cool. You should read it, and in fact if you don't read the quest log carefully you will have no idea what to do. There are no markers in this quest line and you can't look at your log to get much info, you must read the NPC's text.

Saga of the Endless stage 1:
You pick this up in the Command Center in Meridian. It is a lvl 20 quest, so you need to be lvl 18 to pick it up.
The first quest requires you to help out 3 of the NPCs in Meridian.

* Assist Faceless Man in spying on the Endless
* Assist Rahn's legions cut down the Endless forces.
* Assist Sylver study the Endless's methods.
* End Jakub's rule of Freemarch.

Assist the Faceless Man in Spying on the Endless

1: Spying on the Endless
You have to search for an agent Faceless Man sent to The Iron Fortress and discern if she is dead or not. Regardless, you must get her Report and return it to him. The agent is, in fact, dead and being guarded over by a level 20 Elite yellow mob. You must kill this mob before the agent's body will reveal the Report.
WARNING: This mob is pretty badass so bring a group.
The agent's body can be found in the courtyard of the North East portion of The Iron Fortress [6996, 5325]. Once you locate the body, you will return to the Faceless Man
2: Memories of the Dead
Just click on the Imaging device behind the Faceless Man and listen to some neat dialog.
3: Cutting off Communications
You will walk into Iron Tomb for this quest.
The cutting off communications item is a little device located at [769,778] in a hallway to your right. You will loot this item. Further into the dungeon you will see the satchel to your left near one of those pillars that spawn undead when you attack them. This is after the room with all of the shadows.

Assist Rahn legions cut down the Endless forces.
This quest has you kill a few rift mobs. I found all of the mobs but the Houndmaster in major rifts however the Houndmaster is in a minor rift of Bomnani. Now I found it during a death even in Freemarch but it is possible that he could be in a normal minor rift. Make sure you tag the mob or you will not get credit.
EDIT I believe they changed this hellaciously annoying quest to just be seal 8 deal rifts.

Assist Sylver study the Endless's methods:
You need to go to Smith's Haven [7188, 5264] and kill Endless Nightbringers to acquire an Attunement Shard. Luckily, the shard has a 100% drop rate now. It used to be really rare and it could take a good 20 minutes to get one.
Once you have that Shard, you need to find the Endless Anchors. These Anchors look like giant obelisks. You will use the shard next to the anchor and it will become attackable. when attacked, they spawn a group of abnormally strong level 20 mobs. However, when killed, they spawn an elite. This is best done with at least a tank, healer, and at least a DPS. We had a full group get wiped a few times. If your group isn't the first to hit it, you won't get cred because you will need to look the thing after you take it down.

The locations of the anchors are:
[6195, 5000] - Just north of Meridian
[7251, 5143] - Just north of Smith's Haven
[6880, 5925] - At Savage Hill

End Jakub's rule of Freemarch.
This quest is really straightforward, just do the story line quests in Iron Fortress and you are done.

A History in Conflict
All you have to do is activate the Memory Imager.

Tombs of Old
1: Destroy Alsbeth's Minions in the Iron Tomb Simple requirement, finish the dungeon, whether or not you have to clear everything is unknown, it is retroactive, finishing the dungeon before having the quest had this requirement completed on once accepted.
2: Find Alsbeth's Satchel 0/1. The satchel is located behind the second Death Shard in Iron Tomb, looks like an open chest, loot the chest and this part is complete.
3: Assist Uriel in Cutting off Communications Complete the saga quest Cutting off Communications by finding the Communication device inside Iron Tomb, Curious Endless Idol is the loot-able object you are looking for which is located after the Three Kings boss fight, in the right dead end at the T junction. (left and right turns are dead ends, take the right one.) [769,778]

After you do all of this you will go back and grab some swanky loot from Asha.
-Fervant Shadestone Necklet, Bind on pickup, Neck Accessory, Intelligence +5, Wisdom +6, Spell Critical Hit +6
-Astute Shadestone Pendant, Bind on pickup, Neck Accessory, Intelligence +6, Wisdom +4, Spell Power +4
-Swift Shadestone Necklace, Bind on pickup, Neck Accessory, Strength +5, Dexterity +6, Attack Power +3
-Stout Shadestone Amulet, Bind on pickup, Neck Accessory, Strength +6, Dexterity +4, Endurance +5

Saga of the Endless Part II
This is a level 26 quest so you need to be lvl 24 to grab it. You will also get this from Asha.
This is super easy. Just walk into Deep Strike Mine and talk to Kaspar.

Saga of the Endless Part III

Long Buried
-Find Uriel Chuluun in Scarlet Gorge

This leg requires you to talk to Uriel Chuluun in Scarlet Gorge. This quest made me bang my head against the wall because it doesn't even tell you remotely where to go. She is at [3654,2752]

Trophies of Death
This quest requires you to get 8 death trophies. This is very straightforward, just close death rifts and the mobs drop the trophies. Shouldn't take too many rifts to get them all.

This leg of the quest I was groggy from 5 hours of looking for stuff so bear with me on this part.

You will need to search for evidence of a plot. I can't remember the exact location but it's up in the cliffs. You will find a Gnar controller mob. Kill him and use the item on the gnar and take him back to the base of the cliff.

You will get a quest afterwards to get 3 items. A gnar brain, a pure distillate and a control focus from a Golden Maw factory. This thing is in Frayworn at [4119,4232] underground behind a rock in the factory. You can get the brain from any Gnar up at the top of the cliff and the Pure Distillate can just be grabbed off the AH.

After this you will take all of the components back and use the device to make a gnar to follow. Just put on the disguise and follow the little critter up the hill. Afterwards you will just walk into Foul Cascade and do the quests in there.

Saga of the Endless Part IV

The Trail of Evil
This quest requires you to find the family of a lost man. His last remaining relative is on the road coming out of Kelari Refuge. After talking to her she will say to go to Granite Falls. You will then be looking for a corpse of a man along the rock wall going from GF to the graveyard at the east.
WARNING: When you click on the body and mob will pop up. It hits like a freight train. You WILL need a serious tank and he WILL need a badass healer. Mutlipas at 43 with Justicar and I at 38 with Cloro had a tough time killing him. Once you beat him though you will be sent to Moonshade Highlands

Out there you will find the Faceless man. He will tell you to scour the land for Kira. By scour he means read this, because this took me forever to find. She is up at [6713,1127] There are 3 elite mobs that you will need to kill them. It took Pskov, Muli and I a couple tries to kill them, they are pretty rough.

After this you will need to just talk to people and go through the line until you get a nice necklace.

I assume after this it is a level 50 quest.
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