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Tutorial info

  • Added on: Mar 29 2011 11:49 PM
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Brief introduction to CoTweet and managing the guild twitter account

Posted by Tagon on Mar 29 2011 11:49 PM
So you have been invited to help manage the guild's Twitter account with CoTweet, but before you get started here are a few things you should know.

First off after clicking the link in in the email you received you are directed to register with CoTweet
Posted Image
The name you use is your name or what you want to be listed here. Company should be CotP. Email and password are for logging into CoTweet. Make sure you select the right time zone so you can get an accurate idea on how old tweets are.

After registering you want to click settings in the top right and then click on COTAGS
Posted Image
A CoTag is added to every tweet you send out on the guild account. It is used show how is sending the tweet as well as adding our hashtag. Your CoTag should be similar to ^TJ #COTP

The TJ is your unique code in this case TJ stands for Test Jalapeño. I use DS for David Scott. Feel free to use what you wish but keep it to 1 or 2 characters. #COTP is a hash tag used for searching. Once set up click save and close the settings box

Once that is done you will find yourself in the message screen
Posted Image
If there are any messages to our twitter account this is where they will appear. In case you see someone has let us know they have signed up for the Guild page on SWTOR.com at the top right of the message you see a number of options. Visit is the option to reply if this was a message that need a reply this is how we would reply. Next is retweet button if we want to share this message with the rest of our followers we would click this button. 3rd is the assign button if you felt someone else of the team was better suited to handle the reply you would click this and pick which member of the team. For example if it was regarding the podcast you would want to make sure I see it so you could assign it to me. Next it is for various options including the ability to follow or even report as spam if needed. Last is the archive button this will move the message out of the current message list. You would do this if the tweet did not require any other actions. This message was archived.

If there are not messages waiting to be dealt with feel free to click on the friend updates which will bring you to the current feed list.
Posted Image
Here is where you would read the updates from the people (mostly companies) we follow you can interact with them the same way as messages to us and reply to them and retweet information we may see from games the guild plays. Currently we follow a hand full of games, game companies and other that may be of interest to the guild as a whole.

If you feel some needs to be followed to the right you will see a search box, use it to find companies and people you think we should follow.
Posted Image

Finally you feel you have something to say click on the new update button and type away
Posted Image
If you are sharing a link like Mr Jalapeño here put it in the URL box and click the down arrow to shorten the URL and place it in the tweet, doing this also enables tracking. Anything posted to Twitter in this fashion also gets posted to our Facebook page. Two updates for the price of one. Feel free to experiment you can't break anything and you have access to the account because you are trusted.
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