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  • Added on: Feb 01 2011 06:36 PM
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CotP Economy FAQ

It's a great way to learn how to build up a lot of money, or a lot of debt!

Posted by Throne on Feb 01 2011 06:36 PM
Where do I go to play?

You can get to the CotP Economy via the "Forum" tab, it's one of the options in the drop down box.

How do I get cash?

You get cash from creating new topics, posting replies to topics and from other people posting replies to your topics.

How do I get more cash?

You can take the cash you earn from the forums and invest it into stocks, bonds, savings accounts and money market funds on the "Investments" tab.

How can I get lots of cash right now?

You can apply for a loan or open a credit card account to get quick cash. These accounts operate on a monthly apr and most of them have application fees. If you are a savvy investor, you can make much more money using the lending option and buying stocks that are likely to go up.

How do I buy stocks?

Simply go to the investments tab, they are the default page. Put in the quantity you wish to buy next to the stock you want to invest in and check-out! Stocks have brokerage fees during both the purchase and selling of stocks.

Can I invest in something besides stocks?

yes, there are mutual funds, bonds, 401K's, money market accounts and savings accounts. They are all listed on the investment tab.

Can I gamble away my life savings?

yes, just stop by the item shop and get to it!

I see the cash rankings...is there a net worth ranking?

yes, it is an option in the Global Economy tab

Is there a place where I can see the global aspects of all members participating in the CotP Economy?

yes, this is reflected in the default Global Economy tab

Is there a way to see how other members are making money?

yes, just go to the transactions option of the global economy tab to see what everyone else is doing with their money, feel free to send out jabs to those losing money gambling!

Is insider trading OK?

Here in the CotP Economy we welcome those investors savvy enough to work the market to their every advantage!

What are the variables that determine whether a stock goes up or down?

Stocks can be tied to posts, forum registrations, cash or all of the above. They have a hidden algorithm that decides whether it will go up or down, a risk variable that tells it how much it will go up or down and the aforementioned tie-back variable that directly affects the other two.

If I have my own stock, can I work the market?

You can try, but there's nothing worse than selling your own stock and try to stay away from the forums for a day or two...only to come back to it somehow going up 50% over the weekend.

How do I tell what stocks are risky and which ones are safer?

There is a risk meter next to every stock...the higher the meter, the higher the risk. All stocks carry some risk.

Can I get a detailed view of my entire portfolio?

yes, just go to the tab labeled "my portfolio"

Can I go on welfare?

Yes, if you are below the poverty line, you can go on welfare. Checks are distributed once a month.

Can I have my own stock based off my forum performance?

yes, just ask Throne and he'll get one up and running for you. Be warned, other people can buy your stock too...and may be disappointed to see it go down!
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