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  • Added on: Dec 09 2011 07:15 PM
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COTP Economy - Making money with stocks!

Posted by Elric on Dec 09 2011 07:15 PM
Before I begin, please note that a general FAQ about how to use the COTP Economy can be found HERE.

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While the basics have already been covered, here is a brief overview in how you can use the COTP Economy stocks to your benefit. :drinks: First, lets go over the types of stocks currently available, and discuss the pros/cons of each.

Stock Types
  • "Registrations" stocks are self explanatory really - they go up when more people register on the COTP site.
    - PROS: These stocks always go up, never down. The "safest" investments.
    - CONS: Stock increase is unfortunately very slow.
    - Recommended Buy Situation: Right before a new game launches. New game means COTP recruitment and a lot of incoming registrations.
    - Recommended Sell Situation: Only when the stock maxes out.
  • "Posts" stocks go up when the stock owner posts on the forums.
    - PROS: There are obviously some people who post more than others. Only stock type you can influence yourself (if it is your stock).
    - CONS: If a stock is linked to a person who stops posting, this stock can drop to abysmal amounts and never go back up. Thus, it's risky.
    - Recommended Buy Situation: When you see a person who is posting a lot. If the stock is linked to your account, right before you make a lot of posts.
    - Recommended Sell Situation: When a person either goes inactive (such as an illness, quits a game, is shipped out for military, etc.)
  • "Basic" stocks are random and go up or down a random amount each day. The higher the risk, the bigger jump that stock will make from day to day.
    - PROS: Fastest growing stocks. Reach max value way more than any other type of stock. Best way to make fast money.
    - CONS: These stocks are completely random, thus they may plummet in value when you are hoping they will rise.
    - Recommended Buy Situation: Whenever you see the value is low, or immediately after a Takeover occurs (stock is reset to $5.00).
    - Recommended Sell Situation: When the stock hits max value.
Other Notes:
  • There are at least 20 different stocks in the COTP Economy. Diversify which stocks you buy, but definitely keep tabs on the ones that make the most money for you.
  • You can only hold a quantity of 10 of each unique stock.
  • When just getting into the COTP Economy, you will want to invest more in Basic (random type) stocks as they have the fastest potential for growth.
  • Pay attention to the "risk" factor of a stock. For random stocks, that determines how much of a rise or fall that stock will make each day.
  • Before buying a stock, make sure you check the type of the stock so you know what you are purchasing.
  • Always make sure to watch the COTP Economy page every day you can. You don't want to miss a stock hitting max value and then resetting before you can sell it.
  • After a stock hits max value ($1,000 per share), there will be a post on the COTP forums notifying you of this (Public Forum).
  • Once a "Takeover" message is posted, there will be a 48-hour period where everyone will want to sell that stock. After 48 hours a stock is reset to the default $5.00.
  • When a stock is sold, it's value drops. Thus when you see a lot of people selling a particular stock - you also will want to dump it quickly to avoid loss of profit.
  • If you would like a stock to be named after you, send a PM to Elric or Grim to have one set up for you.

There are also other types of long-term investments and banking accounts on the COTP Economy. Check the FAQ listed at the top of this tutorial for more info on those. As always, feel free to ask any questions on the COTP Forums about the COTP Economy and we will do our best to answer. Have fun! :drinks:
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