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  • Added on: Dec 19 2011 06:03 PM
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SWtoR Matrix Cubes (Relics) Guide

SWTOR Matrix Cube Location and Crafting Guide

Posted by Eldonis on Dec 19 2011 06:03 PM

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Matrix Cubes (Relics) Guide:

Matrix Cubes can be created on your faction's capital planet. On Dromund Kaas they're created in the Ancient assembly chamber that is on the way to the Dark Temple. On Coruscant they're created in the Lost Assembly Vault which is directly to the West when you enter the Jedi Temple. Each character has 3 relic slots, however if you have a matrix cube on you, you cannot make another. But if you put your matrix cube in your cargo hold and return to the assembly room you can make another matrix cube. If you keep repeating the process you can make up to 4 and then equip 3 of them. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug. I'm hoping that at release there will be other kinds of relics besides matrix cubes.
Different matrix cubes can be made depending on which color shards you put in the assembler and if you're a force user or tech user. It doesn't matter which order you put the shards in. The order the colors are listed in below is the way the game currently names the matrix cubes.
After creation matrix cubes can be broken down in the disassembler which is in the same area as the assembler. In order to power it you have to buy a Reconstructed Disassembler Core from a vendor on Tatooine in Mos Isla or Anchorhead depending on your faction. The Reconstructed Disassembler Core currently costs 20k.

Matrix Cubes:
R = Red
Y = Yellow
G = Green
B = Blue

Lvl 15 (T2):
RBY: 11 Str, 15 End
BYG: 8 Str, 18 End
RBG: 15 Aim, 11 End
RYG: 15 End, 11 Will

Lvl 24 (T3):
RYY: 23 Str, 16 End, 5 Crit
BYY: 11 Aim, 24 End, 9 Def
GYY: 22 End, 17 Cun, 6 Crit
RBB: 16 End, 23 Will, 5 Crit
YBB: 11 Str, 24 End, 9 Def
GBB: 17 Aim, 22 End, 6 Crit

Lvl 32 (T4):
YRR: 14 Str, 33 End, 8 Acc, 10 Def
BRR: 22 End, 29 Will, 14 Crit
GRR: 23 Aim, 26 End, 16 Pow
RGG: 26 End, 23 Cun, 16 Crit
YGG: Bugged, gives YRR
BGG: 14 Aim, 33 End, 8 Shield, 10 Def

Lvl 50 (T7):
Force Users:
YYY: 24 Str, 62 End, 26 Def, 24 Surge
GGG: 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
RRR: 50 Will, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
BBB: 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit (Possibly bugged since force users have no use for Aim)

Tech Users:
YYY: 24 Aim, 62 End, 24 Acc, 26 Def
GGG: 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge (Also possibly bugged)
RRR: 52 End, 43 Cun, 18 Crit, 24 Surge
BBB: 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit

Currently you can find Matrix Prisms, Matrix emitters, and Matrix amplifiers that say they can be used to alter matrix cubes when they are being created. They can be found through archeology (not sure about other gathering skills). Currently there is no use for them in game. I imagine they will be used to make T5, T6, and T8 matrix cubes. Hopefully their uses will be more interesting than just boosting stats though.

Disassembler Cores:
Currently disassembler cores cost 20k credits. My issue with this is that most people will not make a lvl 15 matrix cube because of this. They'll just wait till lvl 24 and make one then. I suggest having different disassembler cores that are used to disassemble the different lvls of matrix cubes. Lvl 15 disassembler core would cost 5k, lvl 24 10k, lvl 32 15k and lvl 50 20k. I think this would encourage people to start using matrix cubes at lvl 15 and to upgrade them as they level.
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