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SWTOR: Level 50 Hard Mode/Operations and Dailies

Posted by Throne on Jan 21 2012 03:18 PM

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Level 50 Hard Mode (HM) and Operations/Raids (OP) gear

Tionese = T1 (Badges/Crystals from Hard Modes)
• Tionese belt: Black Talon off the 1st boss
• Tionese primary: False Emperor HK-47
• Tionese offhand: Foundry HK-47
• Tionese implant: False Emperor Sith Entity
• Tionese bracers: Interrogator in Directive 7

Columi = T1.5 (HM Daily/Token from end bosses of HM)
•Black Talon: Columi bracers
•Boarding Party: Columi Gloves
•False Emperor: Columi Chest
•Battle of Ilum: Columi Offhand
•Directive 7: Columi Leggings
•The Foundry: Columi Boots
•Kaon Under Siege: Columi Head <-- NEW

Rakata = T2 (Operation/Raid only Gear)
• Implants: daily commendations
• Ear: daily commendations

Iwipe's HM Flashpoint loot list can be found here:

-How do I get HM commendations for gear?-

• The last boss of each HM drops a token for a Columi piece
• HM bosses drop Tionese Crystals
• HM Daily give 2 Tionese commendations and 1 Columi commendation
• HM Weekly give 6 Tionese commendations and 2 Columi commendations
• Rakata tokens/commendations are only from Ops/Raids

Epic sets w/bonuses can be found here

-What gear should we have to run HM?-

Downtime you should be run dailies for 2 implants/ear (which are Rakata teir in stats). Also try and fill your orange gear with lvl 50-51 EPIC armoring/enhancements/mods/barrels. This will make your gear in between Tionese and Columi quality.
*note* If you run the dailies on both planets you can get 1 raid level epic every 5 days.

-What dailies should I be running?-

IMP = Imperial
REP = Republic

--> Ilum (8 Daily Commendations): To start them, you need to finish your class quest first. Doing so will give you a quest called FIRST STRIKE that ask you to report to the Imperial fleet and this quest will direct you to Ilum for its quest series. The quest series itself is fairly short but the mobs are tougher so be prepared to spend 2-3 hrs to finish them off. Each quest will give you 3 daily commendations and unlock daily missions on Ilum.

IMP --Ilum base--
• A Tightened Grip - Lord Tetsu - x1 Commendation
• Defend the Shipment - Major Dermian - x1 Commendation
• Operation Shatterstorm - Operative Che'nash - x1 Commendation
• *[Heroic 2] -Poisonous Strategy - G-4T - x3 Commendation +EPIC lvl 50 enhancements

IMP --Imperial Way station--
• Rightful Owner - Captain Barstead - x1 Commendation
• Sabotage - Colonel Baramak - x1 Commendation

REP -- Republic Base Camp --
•*[Heroic 2+] - Darkness on Ilum - Master Moran - 3x Daily Commendation + Epic Level 50 Enhancement
•Pilot Down - L4-B5 - 1x Daily Commendation
•Jam the Transmissions - Agent Falcon - 1x Daily Commendation

REP -- Republic Waystation --
•Icy Destruction - Major Dumerin - 1x Daily Commendation
•A Fair Fight - General Orias - 1x Daily Commendation
•Crystal Clear Sabotage - Captain Sarmuk - 1x Daily Commendation

__________________________________________________ __

--> Belsavis (17 Daily Commendations): Belsavis also has a bonus series that opens up. The entire bonus series will also take about 2 hrs and will unlock daily missions on Belsavis. Unlike the Ilum series, this bonus series do not reward bonus daily commendations the first time around.

IMP --Imperial Domination Outpost--
• *[Heroic 4] - Lights Out - Corporal Haddon - 3x Daily Commendations + orange companion weapons
• *[Heroic 4] - Old Enemies - Lord Shaar - 3x Daily Commendations + EPIC lvl 50 armoring
• Invisible Threat - N4-71- 1x Daily Commendations
• Unintended Consequences - Major Charkron - 1x Daily Commendation

IMP --Deep Launch point Transporter--
• Reluctant Volunteers - Darth Synar - 1x Daily Commendation
• Ancient Transmissions - AR-72 - 1x Daily Commendation
• Found in Translation - Specialist Nattis - 1x Daily Commendation

IMP --Signal Monitoring Center--
• Droid Malfunction - SD-9 - 1x Daily Commendation
• *[Heroic 2] Freeing the Fallen - 3x Daily Commendations + EPIC lvl 50 mods
•The Carriers of Xenovirus Prime - 1x Daily Commendation

IMP --Tunnel north of Signal Monitoring Center--
• Deadly Mutations - 1x Daily Commendation

REP -- Republic Wilderness Outpost--
•Restraining the Darkness - Master Korman Reyes - 1x Daily Commendation
•Strengthening the Chain - Major Harris - 1x Daily Commendation
•Emergent Medicine - Sergeant Kayen - 1x Daily Commendation (must have completed •Restraining and Strengthening to be eligible for this quest)

REP -- Meltwater Outpost --
•*[Heroic 4] - Open Communications - Agent Hextal - 3x Daily Commendation + Orange Companion weapons
•*[Heroic 2+] - A Lesson is Learned - Doctor Everis - 3x Daily Commendation + Epic level 50 Mod

REP -- Frozen Transport Center--
•Riot - Captain Devlin - 1x Daily Commendation
•*[Heroic 4] - Stasis Generator -Tech Station (5, 91) - 3x Daily Commendation + Epic Level 50 Armoring

REP -- Oasis Republic Post --
•Prison Repairs - Monitoring Station Console - 1x Daily Commendation
•Sleeping Rakata - Monitoring Station Console - 1x Daily Commendation
•Unheard Frequencies - Monitoring Station Console - 1x Daily Commendation
•Containing the Beast - Holoterminal (-670, 90) - 1x Daily Commendation (must have completed Open Communications to be eligible)

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