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  • Added on: Feb 09 2012 10:32 AM
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Custom Mumble Skins

How to install a custom Mumble skin, made by COTP!

Posted by Elric on Feb 09 2012 10:32 AM
Installation Instructions - Custom Mumble Skins

1. Download a custom Mumble skin (zip file) and unzip to the folder into your Mumble/Skins/ directory. Generally it is best to keep these Mumble skin folders in your Mumble program directory, so they are easy to find. Note that the custom skins that have been created for COTP are listed at the bottom of this tutorial for your use.

2. To install, open Mumble and go to Configure -> Settings -> User Interface -> and click on the "Browse" button by "Skins" (and navigate to the skins folders to select the new skin). Note that if the graphic does not immediately show up after selecting "Ok", then just restart your Mumble Client and it will then show up correctly.

3. You will also find in the download a Mumble Overlay file, which you can import from the Settings->Overlay menu within the Mumble program.

Custom Mumble Skins - COTP

COTP - Red Version:
Posted Image

Download Link for "COTP Red"

COTP - Blue Version:
Posted Image

Download Link for "COTP Blue"

SWTOR - PvP Chapter:
Posted Image

Download Link for "SWTOR PvP"

SWTOR - PvE Chapter:
Posted Image

Download Link for "SWTOR PvE"

Enjoy! :drinks:
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