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Tutorial info

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GW2: World vs. World Details

Guild Wars 2 World versus World details

Posted by Throne on Feb 24 2012 03:13 PM

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General Info

Three factions (server vs server vs server)
Factions can capture battle fields objectives (keeps, towers, ect)
These objectives range from large to small, requiring large guilds to capture or just a few players
4 massive maps – three “home maps” one for each faction, one central map up for grabs
Home maps can be attacked by opposing factions
300 players, 100 per faction on each of the 4 maps. 1200 total players at any one time
NPCs camps can assist factions for a limited time in defending or attacking objectives by completing certain tasks for the NPCs first

Individual guilds can capture battle fields objectives, but only hold one at a time for their guild
Guilds that hold an objective can upgrade it to provide bonuses to all players in their faction

War Score and Winning
Every objective is worth points that adds to the factions War Score. Faction with highest score after 2 weeks wins.
The more objectives a faction holds the faster it builds its War Score.
As the War Score increases that faction unlocks additional bonuses and rewards
Every server is given a ranking score that is update after each match and servers are match up against other servers with similar ranking scores
Down-time between matches is only a few mins

Keeps and Towers
All empty keeps are defended by NPCs. If the keep is owned by a faction/guild, NPCs remain to defend it
Once a Keep Lord is defeated, the guild/faction must hold the keep for a short period to claim it
Keeps and towers receive resources from Resource camps and are placed in a depot where places can access them
Individual players can claim the supplies from a keep to build siege weapons, repair or upgrade a keep
Keeps have stationary weapons like cannons, mortars and pots of boiling oil. All require supply to use
Two upgrade types: Structural and Personnel Upgrades. Only towers and keeps have both upgrades
Structural upgrade strengthen defenses. NPCs perform the upgrades using the supplies available in the keep
Personnel upgrades add more NPCs to help defend or you can level up a NPC to make them stronger

Resource Camps
Resource camps are the smallest objective to claim
Resource camps that are claimed periodically send supplies via caravan to keeps so they can be upgraded, repaired and to build siege weapons
Caravans can be destroyed by enemy players
Players can grab resources from a camp and bring them to a keep or tower, but can only carry a certain amount

Siege Weapons
Players need to buy a blueprint from a NPC to build siege weapons
Other players can help build siege weapons by providing additional supplies to them
Siege weapons can be placed anywhere
Siege weapons will require more supply than one player can carry to build. Unfinished weapons can be destroyed by enemy players
Siege weapons include Trebuchets, Arrow Carts, Catapults, Ballistae and Siege Golems.
Siege weapons will require supply to use even after being built

Orbs of Power
Orbs of Power are special artifacts, 1 per map (4 total) that provide factions with a buff
Each faction begins with 1 Orb at the start of a match
When an Orb is captured, the capturing faction must place it on an Altar of Power within a short period of time or it will return to where it was.
An Altar of Power is located in every keep

PvP, Leveling, Loot
All level players can participate in World vs World matches
Players below level 80 will be adjusted so they are roughly equivalent to their level 80 counterparts, but will not gain access to any more abilities above their level.
Players gain XP in World vs World by killing mobs, players and capturing objectives
Players killed in PvP drop loot just like mobs. The player killed does not lose anything
Loot dropped will be level equivalent to the player that made the kill

source: Mike Ferguson, systems designer for Guild Wars 2
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