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  • Added on: Mar 20 2012 11:20 PM
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Guild Wars: Hall of Monuments for Dummies

Covenant of the Phoenix - HoM Guide / FAQ

Posted by Elric on Mar 20 2012 11:20 PM

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While there are numerous guides and tutorials out there for obtaining Hall of Monuments rewards in Guild Wars, many of them are confusing or are too fact-based to follow. Sometimes people just have questions about the system, as opposed to reading the daunting step by step listing of every possible achievement. That being said, I pulled together information from what I have found in-game and from the Guild Wars Wiki sites, and listed it here for your review. It will be done in FAQ format, but please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Q: Before we get into more details... I know I got a Tapestry to unlock one Monument for my character when I entered HoM. How do I get the Tapestries to unlock all of the other monuments?

A: Run through the Eye of the North storyline. You will unlock additional tapestries along the way. Note that the "Monument of Honor" is unlocked by default, no Tapestry needed.

Q: Do I have to unlock every monument for every character?

A: Yes and No. While you can view every monument and completed statue in the Hall of Monuments for every character in "account view", you can only contribute statues to a monument that you have unlocked on that particular character. One exception / suggestion to help with this is to have only one character unlock the Devotion Monument. Then have all your other characters send their miniatures to the one character with it unlocked.

Fellowship Monument - 8 Total Points

Q: Ok, so I get that you need "Pet Statues" from pets, but what is required for that pet to be added?

A: The pet has to be level 20, "Evolved", and currently with your character / hero. By "Evolved", I am referring to the prefix you see to the high level pet's name. From levels 11-14 you will see a name prefix (in front of your pet's name) generally of either "Playful" or "Aggressive". Level 15+ the pet will evolve into either "Hearty", "Dire", or "Elder". That last tier of evolution is what you need your pet to be at before adding it to the HoM for credit. More info can be found HERE.

Q: I also noticed that there is a spot for "Rare Pet Statue". Which ones are rare?

A: That would be any one of the three: Black Moa, Black Widow, or Imperial Phoenix. Detailed info on how to obtain these pets can be found on their wiki pages.

Q: What is required in order to set up a "Companion" statue of a Hero in HoM?

A: The hero must be level 20 and have "upgraded armor". By upgraded I mean the armor crafted from mats found in certain Challenge Missions (or bought from other players). More info can found HERE.

Devotion Monument - 8 Total Points

Q: How do I even get the miniatures for this one?

A: The easiest way to get them is from simply buying them off other players. Make sure to buy only miniatures that are not already dedicated to another player's monument (it will say so right on the item). Other ways of obtaining them are as follows:

  • Random drop from specific chests like "Coffer of Whispers"
  • Random rewards from "Hall of Heroes" wins
  • Rewards for certain quests
  • Automatically obtained on your characters birthdays (1 year after character creation, 2 years after creation, etc.).
More detailed information on each method can be found HERE.

Resilience Monument - 8 Total Points

Q: What type of armor is required to Resilience statues?

A: This armor is the elite set you can have crafted for your character from a combination of common and rare materials. To add the statue of a given set, you need 4 pieces (chest, legs, bracers, boots). Note that the helm does not need to be included as part of that set. Depending on which set you want, they can be crafted by one of the following NPC's:

  • Eternal Forgemaster in The Fissure of Woe (base game)
  • Ahamid at the Command Post (Nightfall)
  • Klub in Rata Sum (EotN, Asuran)
  • Brett in the Eye of the North (EotN, Ebon Vanguard)
  • Radi in Gunnar's Hold (EotN, Norn)
  • Gobrech Stonefoot in the Central Transfer Chamber (EotN, Deldrimor)
Links to each NPC with their detailed locations can be found HERE.

Valor Monument - 8 Total Points

Q: What type of weapons are required for Valor statues?

A: That would be a weapon from any one of either the Tormented, Oppressor, or Destroyer sets. Depending on which weapon you want crafted, they can be made by one of the following NPC's:

  • Lionguard (collector) in Lion's Arch ((Oppressor Weapons)
  • Balthor Coalforge in Slavers' Exile (Destroyer Weapons)
  • Deacon of Whispers in Gate of Anguish (Tormented Weapons)

Note that the Destroyer Weapons are considered the easiest to craft, as you can farm the mats by yourself in Slavers' Exile (the solo elite dungeon). Also, because they are easy to farm these mats are also the cheapest to buy from other players.

More detailed information can be found HERE.

Honor Monument - 18 Total Points

Q: What is the easiest way to get Honor Monument points?

A: Well for starters you get 3 points automatically just for linking your GW account to your Master NCsoft account. This can be done at: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/. Note that if you don't still have your original GW serial number for the game, you can quickly link the two by simply purchasing something from the NCsoft cash store in-game.

Q: Most of the points for the Honor Monument are from Titles... Which Titles?

A: All of them really. A lot of the titles come from reputation with a certain faction, such as the Sunspears in the Nightfall expansion. Press "H" in-game to see what rank you need with that faction in order to obtain the title. Some other titles you get just for completing certain Elite Missions. Further explanation on how to gain every title can be found HERE.

Another more extensive guide for Hall of Monuments can be found at: http://wiki.guildwar...numents_rewards.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions.

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