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  • Added on: Apr 26 2012 07:20 AM
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TERA: Lancer Class Guide

TERA Online Lancer Class Guide

Posted by Throne on Apr 26 2012 07:20 AM

Is the Lancer class for you?
I would pose the following questions to you:
Do you enjoy having the balance of every ones life dependent on you and your actions substantially?
Do you like getting hit a lot?
Do you like big [filtered] shields?
Do you like bashing your shield on the enemy stunning them?
Do you like getting in the fact of mobs|BAMs so close you can smell them?
Do you like knowing you are one of the main tanks everyone depends on and priest love you, because you don’t move much?

If you answered yes to these questions then this class is for you. If you answered no, then maybe not. Being a lancer is one of the most rewarding and important jobs in Tera. You’re role is to keep the mobs|BAMs from touching anyone else in the party or guild. You stand like a WALL fortified to protect everyone else as best you can.

If you want to jump around and dance, might I suggest the Warrior or Slayer professions. As a lancer we stare down the face of evil and don’t budge. Our feet firmly planted in the sacred ground we call Tera. Raise your shield high and proudly. Read on if you believe this job is truly one that you feel you can do with the weight of everyone on your shoulders.

Party/Guild-mates helping your Lancer:
There are a few things your party or guild-mates can do to help make your job as a lancer a little bit easier. First and foremost stay out of the path of any attacks both range and AoE, if you can help it. Do NOT stand next or in front of your lancer. The best spot for DDs [Archer, Zerker, Slayer, etc....] is behind the mob|BAM. If the BAM starts to turn around, do NOT move or try to follow the back of the BAM. Instead give it 1-2 seconds before moving away. If you have a decent lancer, he will see the move and throw his Challenging Shout immediately. This will cause the BAM to turn around to him. Keep your cool and do not fret, we understand what needs to happen.

If the mob|BAM does a rush attack through the group, quickly move to the sides and get out of the way of your lancer. He may use my Charging Lunge or Onslaught to make up the ground between the mob|BAM and him/herself. If you step in their path you may disrupt the time they get to the mob|BAM and this is not very good for the group.

Next watch party chat or listen while on team speak [or whatever voice chat you use] very carefully. There are certain moves that the mob|BAM can do that will tip the lancer to his next action and with you being behind the mob|BAM you will not see all the tells. If this tell is an attack that can damage the party, the lancers first instincts are to Shield Bash the target to stun or at least interrupt the action. But in the chance the lancer doesn’t have the mana, it is their job to notify the team as best as possible. You’re safety is their top priority, I promise you that.

If you’re a Mystic or Priest, please do not heal a lancer immediately when health drops. You will pull aggro very quickly this way if you are healing the lancer every time we drop 5-10% health. We have Second Wind which heals 14.3% of our life roughly [at level 22]. I’m not sure what the norm should be, but my preference would be below 50% life.

We like healing and mana pots. Also do not forget camp fires. Any help that can be given is very beneficial. Above all enjoy the fights and use proper etiquette to ensure

Racial Benefits:
My thoughts are that some combat benefits will out weigh others, but not by much. For the most part it’s about what you prefer in looks and benefits that you like best. I outline the benefits for combat on all races.

The main reason i choose this race because the Prospector and No Stranger to Pain benefits.
Last Aman Standing: Amani are tough, and can stiffen themselves against knockdowns or knockouts [last 30 seconds]. 1 hour cool down.
I am not sure the experiences of other races, but I know it felt like I was getting knocked down a lot. I’d hate to see what the % of knockdowns are for other races.

No Stranger to Pain: More amani toughness. When their health is low, damage resistance kicks in. Passive
30% or less health your defense increases. I need to get the % increase.

Blood of Dragons: Did we mention amani are tough? All Amani have increased resistance to damage-over-time effects.

Ancient Wellspring: Baraka retain some of the giants’ ancient power. They can use that bygone magic to replenish all their health. 2 hour cooldown
This looks to be very beneficial in conjunction with Second Wind. Basically a 14.3% heal and a 100% heal. This can definitely be a life saver when you’re in a bind.

Indefatigable: Barak are built sturdily, like their ancestors. Their stamina never falls below 20%, even if they die. Passive
I didn’t have much problem with stamina falling below 80%, except when I died and was resurrected that one time and had 40% stamina.

Gather No Moss: Stopping a Baraka is like holding back an avallanche. Baraka have a 10% bonus to resist binding or paralyzing effects. Passive.
This looks like it will be a very beneficial PVP skill.

Skirmished Running: An enraged castanic can sacrifice some staiblity for greater combat speed. 30 minutes cooldown.
This does not look to really benefit a lancers defensive skill sets. I would ask any Castanic races to let me know if this allows great mana regenerations from basic combo. This would benefit that aspect if you can get off more quick attacks. But form a DPS standpoint, it’s moot.

There are no combat benefits from the Elin race. Which to me only means that you play an Elin for the aspects of the look of this character.

High Elves:
Core Infusion: Elves can draw on their connections to the core to completely refill their mana. 2 hour cooldown.
This looks to be a benefit if you’re getting hammered and your shield blocking is about out of mana. With the Aman and Baraka multiple skills, I think this doesn’t out weigh enough to get this race for just this one skill. You must like the High Elf look in conjunction with this skill. Other thoughts are welcome.

Deft Footwork: Humans are survivors. When pressed, they’re very hard to knock down or paralyze. 1 hour cooldown.
This seems to be a little variant of the Aman skill Last Aman Standing. The difference in the paralyze vs knockout.

Indomitable Spirit: When fighting other players, humans take less damage when they’re low on health. Passive.
PVP this looks good, but why not give it for both PVP and PVE? Aman have the same kill but for everything it appears. Very peculiar on this skill.

There are no combat benefits from the Popori race.Which to me only means that you play an Popori for the aspects of the look of this character.

Lancer Gear and Priorities
Above all the lance and shield are our most prized possession. The shields mitigate damage before it hits you, so it is preferred to set this as the top priority for latest gear. Currently at level 22, the shield that I have equipped mitigates 3.4k damage.

The 2nd priority should be your Hauberk. The main reason for this, is because of the crystal slots you will acquire for increasing defense stats.

From what I’ve read the Korean servers have crystals for jewelry and I’d assume this will transport over the NA and EU servers. This would make them much more useful and having the extra 3 crystal slots would be very beneficial.

Last importance are your gauntlets, greaves and misc armor pieces. Just look for the highest defense and attributes that best suite your needs.

Skills per level, Rank and Glyphs:

[x] Level - Skill Name - Description
[x] Glyph Cost - Effect - Description

* Indicates that this is a Master Glyph. Its effects are acquired from the Training Camp dungeon; it is not available on the basic trainer.

[1] Basic combo |MP - None | Cool-Down - None | Power - 11 14 17 | Max Hits - 3
A series of strikes that escalate in damage and charge up your mana.Generates Mana depending on lance equipped. If anyone has any factual stats on how mana generation is determined will be great information.

Rank [1] Level[1] : 11/14/17
Rank [2] Level[6] : 16/19/23
Rank [3] Level[12]: 23/28/34
Rank [4] Level[18]: 33/40/49
Rank [5] Level[24]: 49/56/72
Rank [6] Level[30]: 71/86/105
Rank [7] Level[36]: 104/126/153
Rank [8] Level[42]: 151/183/223
Rank [9] Level[48]: 221/268/325

[4 or 3*] Glyph of Threat : Provides 5% Additional Aggro
[4] Glyph of Spirit: Increase MP Regeneration by 20%

[1] Stand Fast | MP - 30 | Cool-Down - 1 sec | Power - N/A

Block frontal attacks with your shield for as long as you hold down the key. Better gear blocks more damage. Allies behind you also get damage reduction.

[4] Glyph of the Pump : 30% chance to increase strength by 15% for 10 seconds.
[6] Glyph of Powerlink: Increases skill power by 25% for the next chain skill: Shield Counter.
[2] Glyph of Influence: Reduces MP by 115 for the next chain skill: Shield Counter.

[2] Shield Barrage | MP - 150 [75 per hit] | Cool-Down - 4 sec | Power - 13 17 | Max Hits - 2

Move forward, battering targets with your shield. Repeat the attack for a chance to stun them.

Rank [1] Level[2] : 13 17
Rank [2] Level[8] : 19 24
Rank [3] Level[14]: 28 35
Rank [4] Level[20]: 41 52
Rank [5] Level[26]: 56 75
Rank [6] Level[32]: 86 110
Rank [7] Level[38]: 126 160
Rank [8] Level[44]: 184 234
Rank [9] Level[50]: 268 341

[4] Glyph of Brilliance : Decreases MP Consumption by 19

[4] Spring Attack | MP - 300 | Cool-Down 4 sec | Power - 48 | Max Hits - 4

Leap at your foe and strike a hard blow. You can quickly launch this skill right after Shield Bash, Shield Barrage, or the fourth consecutive hit of Combo Attack.

Rank [1] Level[4 ]: 48
Rank [2] Level[10]: 70
Rank [3] Level[16]: 103
Rank [4] Level[22]: 150
Rank [5] Level[28]: 218
Rank [6] Level[34]: 318
Rank [7] Level[40]: 465
Rank [8] Level[46]: 678

[4] Glyph of Brilliance : Decreases MP consumption by 75
[5] Glyph of Power : Increases power by 25%

[6] Shield Bash | MP - 200 | Cool-Down 25 sec | Power - 30 | Max Hits - 1

Briefly stun one or more foes.

[5 or 4*] Glyph of Lingering: Increases effect duration by 50%
[4 or 3*] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreased by 25%
[4] Glyph of Acceleration : Increases speed by 25% for the next chain skill: Onslaught

[8] Charging Lunge | MP - 200 | Cool-Down 10 sec | Power - 31 | Max Hits - 3

Charge a short distance and impale your target.

Rank [1] Level[8] : 31
Rank [2] Level[14]: 46
Rank [3] Level[20]: 66
Rank [4] Level[26]: 97
Rank [5] Level[32]: 141
Rank [6] Level[38]: 206
Rank [7] Level[44]: 301
Rank [8] Level[50]: 349

[4] Glyph of Power: Increases power by 25%
[4] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreases by 20%
[5] Glyph of Fleetfoot : Increases speed by 10 for 7 seconds

[12] Retaliate | MP - None | Cool-Down 15 sec | Power - 55 | Max Hits - 1

Leap to your feet while attacking your target if you're knocked down.

Rank [1] Level[12]: 55
Rank [2] Level[14]: 80
Rank [3] Level[24]: 117
Rank [4] Level[30]: 171
Rank [5] Level[36]: 249
Rank [6] Level[42]: 364
Rank [7] Level[48]: 531

[3] Glyph of Power: Increases power by 25%
[4] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreases by 20%

[14] Second Wind | MP - 360 | Cool-Down 60 sec | Power - 789 | Max Hits - N/A

Instantly replenish some of your health.

Rank [1] Level[14]: 789
Rank [2] Level[20]: 1093
Rank [3] Level[26]: 1512
Rank [4] Level[32]: 2089
Rank [5] Level[38]: 2885
Rank [6] Level[44]: 3984
Rank [7] Level[50]: 5489

[4] Glyph of Energy: Cooldown time decreases by 25%

[18] Challenging Shout | MP - 300 | Cool-Down - 10 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Draw the attention of enemies nearby, as well as some aggro.

Rank [1] Level[18]: ????
Rank [2] Level[24]: ????
Rank [3] Level[30]: ????
Rank [4] Level[36]: ????
Rank [5] Level[42]: ????
Rank [6] Level[48]: ????

[4] Glyph of Threat : Provides 20% additional aggro.
[6] Glyph of Brilliance: Decreases MP consumption by 60
[2] Glyph of Blaze: Increases casting speed by 25%
[2] Glyph of Grounding: Increases endurance by 21 for 8 seconds

[20] Onslaught | MP - 500 [25 per hit] | Cool-Down - 11 sec | Power - 371 | Max Hits - 20

Rush your foe in a series of lunges. While lunging, you're steadier on your feet and take half damage.

Rank [1] Level[20]: 371
Rank [2] Level[26]: 541
Rank [3] Level[32]: 789
Rank [4] Level[38]: 1152
Rank [5] Level[44]: 1680

[4] Glyph of Power : Increases power by 25%
[3] Glyph of Brilliance: Decreases MP consumption by 100
[3*] Glyph of Brilliance: Decreases MP consumption by 150
[2*] Glyph of Carving: Doubles critical hit rate

[22] Guardian Shout | MP - 400 | Cool-Down - 360 sec | Max Hits - N/A

Adds 91% to endurance of other group members within 20m for 30sec. Does not apply to you. Effect ends if you are knocked down.

[3] Glyph of Brilliance : Decreases MP consumption by 200
[5] Glyph of Engergy: Cooldown decreases by 25%
[5*] Glyph of Engergy: Cooldown decreases by 35%

[26] Shield Counter | MP - 230 | Cool-Down 5 sec | Power - 149 | Max Hits - N/A

Gain a chance to shield-thump your foe while using the Stand Fast skill. You can't be knocked down or immobilized, and take half damage while using the skill.

Rank [1] Level[26]: 149
Rank [2] Level[32]: 218
Rank [3] Level[38]: 318
Rank [4] Level[44]: 464
Rank [5] Level[50]: 677

[3] Glyph of Threat : Provides 100% additional aggro.

[26] Leash | MP - 200 | Cool-Down 40 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Throw a magical hook and chain that drags an enemy within 18m towards you. Won't work on huge opponents.

[5 or 4*] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreases by 20%
[4] Glyph of Longshot : Increases range by 3 meters.
[7] Glyph of Numbing : Reduces opponent's movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
[4*] Glyph of Dexterity : Increases attach speed by 40% for 4 second.
[5*] Glyph of Threat : Provides 30% additional aggro.

[28] Debilitate | MP - 150 | Cool-Down 3.5 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Weaken the endurance of your foes by 3% for 12 seconds. Stacks up to three times.

[4] Glyph of Impulsion : 35% chance to elminate MP Cost
[6] Glyph of Lingering : Increases duration by 100%.

[32] Menacing Wave | MP - 300 | Cool-Down 30 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Blast a wave that slows the movement and attacks of nearby enemies. 7m radius and 5 seconds.

[3] Glyph of Brilliance : Decreases MP consumption by 60
[3] Glyph of Lingering : Increases effect duration by 50%

[36] Iron Will | MP - 250 | Cool-Down 20 sec | Power - 3359 | Max Hits - N/A

You absorb damage through sheer willpower, consuming mana to soak damage.

Rank [1] Level[36]: 3359
Rank [2] Level[42]: 4637
Rank [3] Level[48]: 6401

[4] Glyph of Lingering : Increases effect duration by 50%.
[5] Glyph of Resolution : Increases the maximum amount of damage absorbed by 25%.

[42] Master’s Leash | MP - 100 | Cool-Down 45 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Throw another hook to pull the target nearer. You can use this skill only after using Leash.

[3] Glyph of Persistance : 30% chance to reset cooldown.

[46] Lockdown Blow | MP - 200 | Cool-Down 15 sec | Power - 484 | Max Hits - N/A

Deliver a crippling attack, hampering your target's movement.

[4] Glyph of Power : Increases power by 20%.
[5 or 4*] Glyph of Resolution : Decreases opponent's speed by additional 30%
[3*] Glyph of Threat : Provides 50% additional aggro.

[50] Infuriate | MP - None | Cool-Down 300 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Infuriate all nearby monsters and max out your aggro.

[4 or 3*] Glyph of Numbing : Decreases opponent's speed by 50% for 5 seconds.
[6] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreases by 20%.

[56] Pledge of Protection | MP - 300 | Cool-Down 60 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Absorb damage done to other group members around you taking it on yourself. Your defense determines how much damage you take.

[3] Glyph of Energy : Cooldown time decreases by 20%.
[6] Glyph of Salvation : Increases healing effect by 20% for 20 seconds.

[58] Adrenaline Rush | MP - None | Cool-Down 120 sec | Power - | Max Hits - N/A

Speed up your attacks 15% to move in for the kill for 20 seconds.

[3] Glyph of Resolution : Increases attack speed by additional 10%.

Glyph Builds:


Additional Notes:

Aggro Numbers:
These numbers are not definitive for NA or EU, but this is what has been brought over from KTera. I can't vouch or say they are correct, I think more discussions need to be had. The question I have is, what is max Aggro?

Combo Attack [5% from glyph]:
1st hit 3,000 [3,150]
2nd hit 4,000 [4,200]
3rd hit 5,000 [5,250]

Shield barrage:
12,000 [not sure if its total or per hit]

Spring atk:

Challenging shout [20% from glyph]:
105,000 [126,000]

1,400 x13 [I assuming per hit since the value is too low]

Leash [30% from glyph]:
20,000 26,000

Shield Counter [100% from Glyph]:
30,000 60,000 [Two glyph shield counter >= one challenging shout]


Master's Leash:
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